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The is a social network that gathers passionate about music. The platform can be integrated with streamings like Spotify and catalog your bands, records and most listened to music. Learn how to create a collage on and bring together your most listened albums in one image.

There are different collage generators for – even apps. I will show you two options in this tutorial, both intuitive and simple. collage

How to create a collage at [Tapmusic]

  1. Enter;
  2. Place your user in the first entry field (“ username”);
  3. Select the time period of the collage – you can choose from the most listened albums in the last seven days, last month, three months, six months, year or general;
  4. Choose how the images will be distributed in the collage – 3 × 3, 4 × 4 or 5 × 5;
  5. Check the box “Display album/artist captions” if you want the collage to contain the name of each album/artist;
  6. Click “Submit”.

Ready! Now just save the generated image and share it wherever you want.

How to create a collage at []

  1. Enter the site;
  2. Click on “Get started”;
  3. Enter your user and click “Next”;
  4. Choose the collage period – most heard albums in the last week, last month, last three or six months, year or general;
  5. Use the red squares to define what the collage will look like and click “Next”;
  6. In “Do you want to overlay the album and artist name on each cover?”, Click “Yes” if you want the collage to have the name of the album/artist or “No” if you prefer without;
  7. Under “Do you want to hide albums with missing artwork?”, Select “Yes” if you want to hide albums that are not covered by the cover photo;
  8. Click on “Generate”.

It is! The collage will be ready, just save the image.

How does work?

By connecting to your favorite streaming service, such as Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music, the social network now has access to everything you hear. This information automatically goes to your profile.

You can meet people with a musical taste similar to yours, discover new artists, bands, songs and albums, or simply use the platform to catalog what you’re listening to.

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