Cheats and Hacks CS: GO

Activating sv_cheats 1 will not ban you, these commands are for the player to train on his personal server, do not change the online experience and do not give advantages over players. On the other hand, downloading cheats and hacks cause a ban on CS: GO, as they are cheats to have competitive advantages over other players on the servers.


What are CS Cheats

It is usually considered cheat in CS any program that you, download, buy, update to maintain advantages over other players in a hidden way. This software works by modifying the game’s base files, mainly the (.DLL) files.

These programs are the targets of both VAC, Valve Anti-Cheat, and other prevention platforms: Easy Anti-Cheat, Faceit, GamersClub. The main cheats used are: Aim (automatic aiming), Wallhack (seeing through walls), TriggerBot (automatic firing).

How they are installed and used

There are sites with free cheats to download, they are very risky, being easy to access, they are probably already registered with the VAC and you will be banned. The second problem is that hackers can place other programs inside the .exe, leaving you vulnerable to attack.

The most powerful programs are hard to find, paid for (expensive), always updated (by subscription) and difficult to track. If your option is to pay to take a risk, after payment, you will download the .exe and install it on your PC. Once installed, you should run and configure it. Keeping it open and always running before opening CS: GO.

Can I use it if it is not competitive?

Can not. You will never be able to use such a program on any server that has an anti-cheat system. If you choose to use this type of cheating, you are taking a risk, and you will probably be banned. I particularly hope that it always happens with cheaters, they are toxic and only serve to disrupt the experience of other gamers.

If using in the competitive what happens?

Certainly a ban will happen, once it is tracked and discovered, when using the hack program in the competitive. The CS: GO universe is full of these toxic and cheating people. If you are suspicious of someone, report it to the server, speed up the banning of the “smart guy”.

What happens when someone bans the CS?

It depends, if it is banned from a single server in particular by an admin, it will stay there. If the player is banned on other gaming platforms such as: FACEIT, GamersClub, etc … the player will no longer be able to play on servers supported by the platform’s anti-cheat.

If the player takes a VAC Ban, his account will be totally excluded, from any server that is supported by Valve Anti-Cheat – almost all servers are, even, those that also use their own systems – and your account will be practically useless.

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