How to create animated GIFs for Facebook

Recently Facebook has added the ability to upload and then share the animated GIF on their personal profile and pages, a novelty that surprised pleasantly and that leads us to explain in this little guide how to create animated GIF for Facebook.

Let’s start immediately by saying that there are no special GIFs specifically for Facebook, they are animated GIFs to create with special tools.

Before explaining how to create animated GIFs for Facebook, we need to explain what they are, in case there are readers who have no idea what a GIF is.

A GIF is a set of images that follow a small video, a not particularly complex creation that gives a very nice effect.

On the web there are many animated GIF, to share them on Facebook just copy the link and paste it in the rectangle where we usually post states and upload simple images.

If you are reading this article it is because you want to know how to create animated GIF for Facebook original and customized, starting from scratch, to do so we can use two tools: online sites and software.

The online sites that offer the service of creating animated GIF are dozens, among the most used are PicasionFreeGifMaker and Gickr, all free that allow you to make GIF even beginners with ease.

If you are more experienced users or you want to try your hand at creating complex GIFs, you can try to download programs like Microsoft GIF AnimatorUnFREEzFree Video to GIF Converter and Falco GIF Animator.

These programs allow you to create animated GIFs from scratch, in particular, Free Video to GIF Converter is very interesting, as it allows you to extrapolate parts of a video and make some beautiful animated GIF.

After creating the GIF, the process for sharing on Facebook is very simple, the same as when we want to share an image, we simply press on the icon of the photo and upload the file, finally, publish.

In case you prefer to put the animated GIF online on some site, its sharing on Facebook will be possible by pasting the link and publishing.

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