Does WiFi consume more battery than 3G/4G?

One of the main problems of modern smartphones is consumption of exaggerated battery, and besides it could not be otherwise seen that the technical specifications of these devices are increasingly similar to those of a computer, with multi-core processors and several gigabytes of ram. And so it becomes a distant memory that first old cell phone with black and white display that recharged once every 4-5 days and that remained lit even the night without worries.

The main problem, however, is given by the new possibilities of connectivity. A smartphone that is connected all day on  a WiFi network  or constantly queries our 3G UMTS or 4G LTE network  spends a lot of energy in these operations, so that on many terminals you will surely notice how surfing on the internet often leads, after already about ten minutes of continuous use, overheating of the device, and overheating always means fast charge consumption.

But even if we have mentioned together the Wifi networks and 3G/4G mobile networks have different consumption, consumption varies according to use and then if you are wondering which one consumes more battery we will try to answer you as precisely as possible.

The connection in the 3G/4G network takes place with the connection of the smartphone at certain frequencies, the higher these frequencies are, the more their intensity is weak, the more the battery consumption by the smartphone will be higher. In general, 4G networks are those that consume most of all during their use and these are followed by 3G. The reason for this higher consumption is to be charged at higher frequencies and which often lead to more problematic reception (the waves pass less easily through obstacles).

If you have to use the phone to surf the internet and you have a Wifi connection, always prefer it to a 3G/4G connection, because you will consume a lot less battery.

But be careful, if instead you leave the phone on standby with the simple synchronization of email and social networks, the Wifi is not a friend. Wifi connections keep your smartphone constantly active preventing it from going completely into Standby  (the mode with minimum consumption) and always consume a certain percentage of charge per hour.

The 3G/4G mobile connections, on the other hand, are activated only when in use, if the phone is in standby mode this connection is absolutely necessary.

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