How to create personalized WhatsApp Stickers (even with your photos)

The stickers arrive on WhatsApp and the first methods for creating unique and original stickers, even with a selfie, emerge: here’s how.

The WhatsApp stickers are the latest and important news for the popular instant messaging app available for iOS and Android. The basic packages available are 12, and other sets are already available to download more stickers on WhatsApp: but how can you do to create new and original stickers to add to your collection?

There are tricks, with the first useful applications already available for Android on the Google Play Store: the app store of the big G certainly offers more freedom of action, as opposed to the more closed Apple App Store on which they still do not appear true and own applications to create stickers to be inserted on WhatsApp (be wary of limitations, which allow you to create stickers only for iMessage or Telegram).

We are sure that apps and methods to create stickers for WhatsApp on iPhone will come soon, but in the meantime do not despair: just an Android smartphone to create new original stickers, even with your photos.

Alternatively it is possible, owning an Apple smartphone and an Android or having a friend with one of the two devices, send the stickers created on WhatsApp for iPhone and add them to our library: just touch the sticker received from a contact, click on “see sticker set” and add it to your collection. In this way, you can create stickers on Android, for now, and send them on iOS.

Create WhatsApp stickers: Sticker Maker

Sticker Maker for WhatsApp is a simple and intuitive application to create stickers to add to our conversations. Here’s how to do it:

  • open Google Play Store and download the application;
  • open the app click on “Create a new sticker pack”;
  • enter the title you want to give to your sticker set and your name/nick (useful for purely descriptive purposes);
  • open the options of your new set to display a blank page where you will insert your stickers;
  • add a reference icon to your sticker package, useful to identify it, and then click on the empty space of your set to create and add new stickers;
  • you can choose whether to add an image directly from your gallery or to open the camera to take a picture from which to create the sticker;
  • after selecting or taking the photo it will be immediately loaded into the editing editor,
  • from the editor you can modify your image to create the sticker in the way you prefer, cutting and editing the photo as you wish;
  • save when the sticker is ready and repeat the previous steps to create others and add them to the various themed sets created;
  • once you have finished adding the desired stickers, select your package and click on “Publish Sticker Pack” to publish them;
  • you will be asked to add the stickers on WhatsApp, accepted to add them to your chats and have fun with your personalized and unpublished set.

Create WhatsApp stickers: Personal Sticker for WhatsApp

Another good application for creating stickers is Personal Sticker for WhatsApp, which allows users to send an image present in the smartphone as a sticker ready for chat.

To ensure that the app works properly, however, you need to convert the desired images into png files: with the common jpg extension it may not be possible to create stickers (for an optimal reference size, we suggest 512×512 pixels).

Once you have downloaded the app, just start it and select the images you want in your gallery to instantly transform them from simple photos to stickers ready to be used and sent on WhatsApp, without resorting to too many steps.

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