How to Create SRT Files for Video Subtitles

Have you downloaded videos in the original language and would like to be able to insert subtitles to better understand the dialogues between the protagonists? Are you fan of TV series and can not wait for the release and would like to translate them by inserting the classic subtitles? If you are looking for answers to these questions, you have landed on the right post where we will explain and show two simple techniques to create SRT files for video subtitles without the need to have extensive knowledge about it.

The work to create subtitles is not as simple as it may seem, in fact first you need to know the original language of the video well enough to avoid translation services that may be imperfect and inaccurate, then you must also know the tools to create and handle this kind of situation.

But now let’s see in detail what are essentially the srt files and what are the possible solutions to create subtitles to add to their videos

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What are SRT files

An SRT or SubRip SubTitles file is a simple and very small text document that allows subtitles to be inserted into a video. Please note that these files are not real videos as many think, but these are simple documents that add text in the scenes of any clip.

These include the start and end time that are flanked by the text that will appear within the video ensuring that it is displayed at the right time.

This type of format can be used on almost all social platforms (YouTube for example) also to load simple captions. After hinting something about the SRT files it’s time to officially show you how to create SRT files for video subtitles.

Create SRT File with Text Editor or Note Pad

The first methodology that we show you to create subtitles in SRT format is the use of a simple text editor (now found on any PC) such as Windows Notepad or Mac TextEdit.

Before starting with the description of the process, it must be underlined that: It is necessary to correctly format the text and save it in the SRT format.

After underlining a couple of interesting guidelines, here’s how to create an SRT file containing the subtitles of our video:

  • Open Notepad or Text Edit
  • Enter the number in the section
  • Then enter the start and end time of the subtitles (The format is: hour, minutes, seconds, milliseconds)
  • Enter the text that should appear as a subtitle
  • Insert the subtitles you have to convert the file in text format only
  • Save the document in SRT format

Create SRT files with YouTube Video Creator

Is creating an SRT file with a text editor complex? Would you like to know a simpler technique to create subtitles to insert in a video? If this is really your intention, then you absolutely must take advantage of the service known as YouTube Video Creator which is nothing more than a tool included in your YouTube account.

To make subtitles with YouTube Video Creator:

  • Go to the YouTube Video Creator tool page
  • In the uploaded videos section, click on Edit next to the video in which to insert the subtitles
  • Click on the Subtitle CC heading
  • Click Add new subtitles
  • Open the Clip in YouTube Video Creator
  • Click on Add New Subtitles
  • Choose the language
  • Choose now Create New Subtitles
  • Type the subtitles in the text box on the left
  • To adjust the start and end, just drag the edge of the text box to the appropriate position
  • Finally, check that the subtitles are correctly positioned

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