5 Software to Convert MP3 to MIDI

With the abbreviation MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) we mean a Standard Protocol that allows the interaction of electronic musical instruments using even a simple PC.

This type of protocol effectively allows you to synchronize and link up a variety of electronic musical instruments, personal computers and other electronic devices. Basically MIDI files do not contain any sounds inside them but they have commands that can handle the sound modules.

And if by chance we had an MP3 file and we wanted to turn it into this kind of format, maybe to be used as a basis for Karaoke? Is this sort of conversion feasible? As we all now know, with new technologies and new resources created daily it is possible to safely accomplish this problem, in fact today we will list 5 sites to convert MP3 files to MIDI quickly and easily.

If your intention is to turn MP3 files into MIDI in order to exploit them on a classic media player, then read carefully the descriptions provided below, so as to understand which software to use based on your conversion knowledge.

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Let’s start the list of resources dedicated to converting MP3 files to MIDI with AmazingMIDI software. This is a very easy-to-use Windows program, so it can be considered a tool for everyone. Besides allowing the classic conversion of Audio files, this resource also allows:

  • Record audio from musical instruments
  • It allows you to transcribe sounds and music
  • It detects the sounds of various instruments (piano and guitar) and combines them into a single file

Being a newborn software, it is still under development, so it may happen to run into some small error generated by the program.

AVS Audio Converter

AVS Audio Converter is a completely free software available exclusively for windows (10/8/7/vista/XP). In addition to making the classic conversion from MP3 to MIDI, this excellent resource provides the conversion in many other formats, not just audio. What can you do with this program?

  • Make Conversions between all audio formats
  • Export audio files from Video
  • It also allows you to create audiobooks
  • Allows the creation of ringtones for iPhone
  • Supports Multilingual

WIDI Recognition System

Other software that allows easy conversion from Mp3 to MIDI on Windows is WIDI Recognition System that offers a complete suite to work comfortably on any type of file in audio format. Many reviews from users who have used it say that you can achieve truly exceptional results without loss of quality and are provided with accurate documentation to assist you during its use.

Its main features of this software are:

  • Write and record audio
  • Transcripts Polyphonic recordings
  • Includes midi editor designed to perfect the files better
  • It provides standard MIDi files that can be managed by almost all the dedicated editors


Do you want to turn a music track into MP3 into a MIDI base where the notes and chords present are automatically recognized? The solution to this possibility is offered by the Intelliscore software that essentially allows you to analyze a music track in MP3 and convert it to a MIDI base. What are the main features offered by this program?

  • Allows conversion of MP3 to MIDI
  • Create MIDI from sounds on the music keyboard
  • Ability to sing, play and save all in MIDI files
  • Turn the voice into a musical instrument
  • It suggests chords and musical notes


We close today’s focus with the best conversion software ever to turn MP3 files into MIDI files that once tested and tested will no longer be able to give up. The program we are considering is called Audacity and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Its main features are:

  • Recording and playback of audio files
  • Multi format support
  • Unlimited editing of music files
  • Allows you to change the pitch and speed of the music track
  • Elimination of background noise
  • It supports the integration of different plugins

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