How to convert PDF to Word on iPhone and iPad

There are many applications dedicated for editing and managing files in PDF format, but not all of them perform their tasks in the best way, so it is necessary to understand which resource to rely on to obtain a clean result and up to expectations.

In addition to desktop devices, these applications have also been extended to smartphones with which it is now possible to carry out any type of activity, from conversions to internal changes for every single file.

Today, we take into consideration the products of Apple and in particular we will try to show you how to convert PDF to Word on iPhone and iPad, while for users interested in desktop devices, we already suggested how to convert PDF files to Word directly.

But now proceed step by step, first tackling the conversation on the conversion of PDF on iPhone and iPad with the use of the Word app and then we will also propose a viable alternative to make this conversion without using the classic word software.

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Convert PDF to Microsoft Word on iPhone and iPad

The process of converting files in docx format to PDF is not as simple as you can think, as there are several steps to perform to the letter to get a perfect conversion without any loss of data.

To deal with this process in the best way, you have to move perfectly following all the steps collected and described below (using the word app):

  • Start the Microsoft Word application
  • On the iPad click on the icon in the form of a document marked with three dots (on the iPhone, however, just click on the three dots in the upper right)
  • On the menu that appears click on the item export
  • Select the PDF format among the available extensions
  • In the Export screen you must select the folder in which to save the file (on the device memory or on a cloud service like OneDrive)
  • After selecting the destination, you need to give the file a name
  • The word app will now request access to convert the file using an online service. Click on Allow
  • Wait a few seconds for the conversion to take place
  • Access the folder selected for saving and verify that conversion has been completed
  • If we have saved the file on the device, it can be accessed directly from the word

Alternative to convert PDF to Word on iPhone and iPad

And if by chance we do not have the word app available on our smartphone? How do you behave in case of conversion? Is there a valid alternative that allows us to convert DOCX format files to PDF? The answer to the question is absolutely positive, in fact this sort of operation is also manageable with some native features found on Apple devices. Now let’s see how it is possible to carry out this conversion without using words:

  • Open the Files application and reach the word file to be converted
  • Click on the File
  • The file will open with the native app dedicated to preview PDF files
  • Click on the icon dedicated to sharing located at the top right
  • Click on the Save PDF entry in iBooks
  • The file should now be converted and then viewable in iBook (imposes a limitation on the file that can be modified locally but can only be shared via airdrop, and email)

This is a great way to turn word files into PDF but not taking advantage of the dedicated app (Word) you will have difficulties accessing and managing the converted files. In fact, with the iPhone you can not access files converted to iBooks with the app files, as the device does not support multi-tasking, so to manage these files you must send an email with the attached file, so as to manage it with the dedicated app. The speech is a bit different instead for the iPad (which support multi-tasking), in fact you can drag any file within any app and manage them as you see fit.

Have you ever tried to perform these conversions with your apple devices? How did you find yourself? Do you know other alternative ways to do this kind of conversions?

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