4 Open Source File-Sharing Programs for Windows

Do you work in a team and would you like to know some free program that allows the sharing of documents among the elements of the group? Do you need a special software that allows you to securely share and download any type of file directly online?

If you have asked these two simple questions and look for exhaustive answers, our advice is to fully read the entire content of the article to really understand what are the necessary characteristics that must have the software in question to solve the problem related to sharing documents in a team work or in a group of university students.

Therefore, today’s focus includes the selection and description of 4 Open Source file sharing programs for Windows systems.

Before starting the actual description let’s clarify for a moment the concepts of file-sharing and open source in order to inform readers at 360 degrees before making any choice. The term file-sharing essentially refers to a file sharing directly on the internet or within corporate networks, while with the word open source (open source) you indicate those software that make available to all the source code so as to be elaborated and eventually improved.

After having briefly explained these two concepts, let’s analyze in detail the features and functionalities offered by these 4 file sharing programs for Windows.

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The first software that we are going to describe is called OnionShare and is nothing more than a simple open source file sharing program to be used on your Windows PC. With this tool you can share an unlimited number of files, of any size, simply taking advantage of the Peer-to-peer architecture.

Once the files to be shared are decided, they must be loaded into the program which will subsequently create a hyperlink giving the opportunity to users who know the link to make a quick download of the document. To make sure that files can be viewed or downloaded, the sharing process must be activated, otherwise the documents will not be reachable by the authorized members.


Another excellent file sharing software to use on windows is Orion. It is a good tool that allows users to share their files via the decentralized IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) network.

If we analyze the structure of the software we will immediately realize that it is a very simple and intuitive program, in fact the files can be shared simply using the Drag & Drop technique (drag the files inside the software window). Orion also assigns a unique ID for each shared file and will therefore generate a URL for sharing.

The shared files are accessible and accessible to all users who know and have the sharing link.


Syncthing is another free software created specifically for sharing files within the same network. Yes, you understood correctly, compared to the two software already described in the previous paragraphs, this software once installed will automatically create a local web server on the network that allows the sharing of files and documents between users on the same network.

Once started the program will open automatically a browser window that will allow the fast sharing of files or entire directories. The best feature of SyncThing is that it also offers the ability to share entire remote devices.


We conclude today’s focus with NitroShare software and is nothing more than a simple file sharing tool within local networks. To start and get the shared documents you need to install the software on all the computers with which you intend to share files. All very simple, fast and effective, is not it? Which software would you entrust to share your files with the work team?

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