The MSG extension is nothing more than the final format of saving emails. This is a type of Microsoft format that contains all the main data of a classic mail as headers, message body, images and attachments and are only manageable with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange software.

And if by chance we had received an email and we did not have one of the two software mentioned above available? Is there any alternative online that allows us to open and read the contents of these files? In today’s focus, we will try to explain in detail 2 sites to open MSG files online in a completely free way and without having particular knowledge about these specific types of format.

The web resources that we will analyze individually in the following paragraphs essentially allow you to view the entire contents of the MSG files including attachments and headers without any kind of problem.

Now let’s see how these sites are structured and what is the process to be followed to finally read this type of documents.

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Free Online Email Viewer

Free Online Email Viewer is the first site that we are going to describe to you to read the entire contents of a file in MSG format.

It is a fairly complete tool that essentially allows:

  • Open file in MSG format
  • Open files in EML format
  • View the list of attachments
  • View sender and recipient
  • View the subject of the email
  • View the contents of the email
  • View the date and time of sending the email

Its use is really simple and basic, in fact to open and read the contents of the MSG files you need:

  • Reach the site via the address above
  • Click on the browse button to select the file from pc
  • Once the file has been loaded, click on View
  • The maximum file size to be uploaded can be up to 8 MB
  • Now, we will display the entire contents of the file (e-mail addresses of the sender and recipient, the content of the email and the time of sending the e-mail)

Free Online Document Viewer

The other absolute protagonist of today’s content is undoubtedly Free Online Document Viewer and presents itself essentially with features similar to the resource described above.

In fact, this website allows the upload of a file in MSG format and to consult all the contents. Compared to Free Online Email Viewer, Document viewer does not allow absolutely to consult and view the attachments contained in the email, so our advice is to rely on this resource when we are sure that the MSG file contains only text. What can you do with Free Online Document Viewer?

  • View the text content of an MSG file
  • Load a 25 MB MSG file as a maximum size
  • Ability to enlarge the content of the mail to make it even more readable
  • Set a height and a default width for the document
  • Print a copy of the file quickly

But how do you use this site? Is this something complex?

Taking advantage of this resource does not require particular knowledge, indeed it is absolutely simple to use:

  • Reaching the Site Homepage (Link above)
  • Click on the browse button to upload our file
  • Once you have selected the file, click on Upload and View to start the opening process
  • Now, we can safely read the contents of the file


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