5 WebSites to Take Photos with the Camera-Style Webcam

Do you remember when as kids we stood in front of the photo booths to take some funny photos with friends to keep as a childhood memory? Now those cabins are in disuse even if they still meet some, but are no longer used as once for recreational and fun but only in case of extreme need, perhaps to print a few photos to be used urgently. With technological progress and new and innovative implementations, it is now possible to faithfully replicate those shots simply by using a PC, a webcam and a service (in our case online) created specifically to obtain those images that have distinguished our youth. For those who still want to try these types of services, today we will show and describe 5 sites to take pictures with the camera-style webcam.

Site index:

  1. Webcam Toy
  2. FotoFriend
  3. HD Booth
  4. Pixect
  5. PhotoFunia

1. Webcam Toy – ^

Webcam Toy is the first free site to take personal photo booth photos. It is a complete tool that in addition to allowing the use of the webcam makes available to users a series of filters and live effects to be applied before shooting. Once you reach the service home page, you will be asked for permission to take advantage of the webcam on the PC and once detected the user interface of the video camera will appear. Here we will find simple photo filters, options related to the camera as well as of course the classic button for shooting. Among the camera settings we will also find:

  • The function of enabling or disabling the mirror effect
  • The function to take a square photo or not
  • Ability to set a countdown
  • Possibility to activate or deactivate the flash
  • Display the full-screen user interface

2. FotoFriend – ^

Another great tool to faithfully replicate photos in the photo booth style is just Photo Friend that compared to the previous site offers 4 different objectives related to webcams that contain different effects and filters. In addition to these features, Foto Friend also offers the possibility of applying other effects and filters, 56 to be precise. It is a very simple and intuitive tool to use, so if you are a beginner with these techniques, do not worry, you will still be able to get excellent results.

3. HD Booth – ^

Hd Booth is a site that basically has the same characteristics of the tools featured in this post, the only real difference is that it does not have predefined filters and effects but offers the possibility to control all aspects manually. What can we control manually with HD booth?

  • Hue and saturation
  • Reflection
  • Brightness
  • Setting the primary color
  • RGB
  • Vignette
  • Side dish
  • Dot Screen and more

4. Pixect – ^

Pixect is another phenomenal site that allows us to faithfully replicate the photographic shots as happened in the classic cabins of the past. Reached the site we will be faced with two different options to edit their photos:

  • Start the PC webcam and take a live shot
  • Upload an existing photo to the PC folders

Once you have taken or uploaded the photo, the resource will show us a real photo editor in which there are a multitude of filters and effects to be applied to the image to make it pretty and charming. But that’s not all, in fact, the site among its options also offers the possibility to create a real collage of photos starting from a template provided by the resource itself. Finally, it is also possible to set a timer for the shot that can be 3 or 5 seconds at most. What do you think of this great site to take pictures in a photo booth style?

5. PhotoFunia – ^

It is useless that we describe in detail PhotoFunia as you already know that it is a free web tool developed specifically to modify and customize your images. As you can well understand, this resource enters the right in the best 5 sites to take pictures in a photo booth style, especially because it offers the possibility to apply the Photo Booth effect that generates 4 photographs in succession like a real booth. After creating the image and applying the desired effects, PhotoFunia will allow us to download the new photo in JPG format.

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