DearMob iPhone Manager – How to Manage iPhone Photo and Data on PC and Mac

Have you got an iPhone? Are you looking for a perfect data transfer tool to transfer files from iPhone to Mac/Windows? and would you like to manage your files effectively? If you have a positive answer then you have reached the right destiny. DearMob iPhone Manager can do a lot more than just transferring & managing files. Let’s head forward to explore more.

DearMob iPhone Manager will be your ultimate companion for managing all types of data such as photos, music, videos, contacts, books, messages, apps, etc. You can also backup these valuable data using the powerful manager.

By using the utility you will be having more benefits than any other similar software in transferring & managing Photos. DearMob iPhone Photo Manager lets you view photo in group, you could use it to create and edit albums, and also it is possible to delete a photo from the album or the entire album. DearMob iPhone Photo Transfer lets you load, preview, sync photos within seconds. High-speed overall performance is the highlighted bright side of the utility. You can download HEIC pictures (High-Efficiency Image File Format) as JPG from your iPhone Directly to your computer. If you have DearMob iPhone Photo Transfer/iPhone Photo Manager then you don’t have to carry iTunes/iClouds in your computer to transfer files.

DearMob iPhone Manager is an easy iOS Manager tool which is a highly secured utility protects your personal data with proper encryption methods. We still have to explore more. let’s move through the number of powerful abilities that DearMob iPhone Manager facilitates.

DearMob iPhone Manager provides a number of effective features which can be used to transfer Photos. We can have a look at each feature one by one.

Password Protected Transfer [Ensures safty]

The password-protected feature helps to secure your data with a password protected authorization by adopting multiple aced encryption algorithms from
both asymmetric and symmetric cryptography, including 1024-bit RSA, 256-bit AES, PBKDF2, Argon 2, it tightly locks down your iPhone data no matter in transit or at rest…

No iTunes Needed [Independent]

There is no need to pre-equip with any of the apple’s services such as iTunes. DearMob iPhone Manager is completely independent and can run without the help of other services.

Two Way Sync [Transfer data quickly between your iPhone & Computer]

By using DearMob iPhone manager it is possible to do the 2-way transfer of data in a speedy manner. Having a bunch of images to transfer will bring a smile on your face when you are a user of DearMob because file transferring made interesting and much more interesting.

Selective Transfer of Photos [Transfer anyhow you need]

It is possible to transfer photos with the entire album, can be done by date, and also random selective transfer also supported. You have all the freedom you can do everything in the way you want.

Supports HEIC to JPG Conversion [High-Efficiency Image File Format to JPG Format]

To make images viewable on PC While transferring files from your iPhone DearMob iPhone Manager convert the format to JPG. Also, it will help in reducing burdens of doing other methods to convert HEIC to JPG. This Feature is really helpful.

Keeps the Meta Data [iPhone metadata will not be lost]

Don’t have to fear of losing metadata of your image if you are using DearMob to transfer. The metadata(Geotag, Date etc) within the image will be safe and it will not get lost. Means DearMob Preserve EXIF data including Geotag.

Complete Backup [Be always safe]

DearMob iPhone manager ensures complete backup feature to back up all your valuable data (like Photo Album, WhatsApp Images, Snapshot Images, Downloaded wallpapers etc..) from your iPhone. Your data will stay safe at the DearMob platform, and you can get it whenever you need.

Possible to Delete Undeletable [No restriction to delete]

If you are an iPhone user then you may have to face challenges in deleting the images imported from mac/windows. DearMob iPhone manager can help you to withstand this situation. You could delete all the undeletable using DearMob iPhone manager.

Other Highlighted Features

  • Secure: Your data will be always safe in the hands of DearMob, by using iPhone photo encryption method you could encrypt and decrypt the data with a password whenever you need.
  • Contact Management: If you switch your phone to a new one then you may have to transfer contacts. Can you even think of creating each contact among the thousands manually? Definitely, you will never prefer it. DearMob iPhone Manager will help you to transfer contacts from your old phone to a new one.
  • Back Up iPhone SMS: It is always good to keep all your data safe, sometimes we will get chances to use it. so by using the utility you can back up and restore all your valuable conversations.
  • Calendar Manager & Apple Books Manager: Having a day organized will bring great effects. At the same time reading makes a man perfect.

As you have seen in the above picture you are getting a lot more features.


You can download and use DearMob iPhone manager with some limitation for free DearMob iPhone Manager (home page). But in order to enjoy the full premium features of this powerful utility, you have to choose any of the 3 licenses as shown in the picture.

I am sure that when you use the software for once you will start loving it. Choose any of the licenses after testing it for free.

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Use the tool which gives more features than the value. Now you will be having a clear picture of what DearMob iPhone Manager is and what features does it provide. It is a multiple purpose utility that could completely care your iPhone. You may be having doubts like how to transfer photos from old iphone to new iphone? & How to transfer iPhone photos to iPhone/Mac/PC. The ultimate answer is DearMob iPhone Manager.

About DearMob:
DearMob, a vigorous software provider with forefront developing outlook. DearMob is led by its innovative tag-line products including: DearMob iPhone Manager, free apps like
5KPlayer, iPhone Photo Manager, iPhone Music Manager, etc. The brand is ready to enable more dynamic growth with compact and competitive products for
Mac/Windows/iOS/Android users in the near future.

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