How to download ringtones for free in Android and iOS Online

If you do not want to set a default ringtone for calls or messages, then surely you will be interested in our new guide today where we talk about how to download free ringtones for your device using apps and websites.

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How to download ringtones for free online

If you have a computer in front of you, then you can use the default browser to download ringtones completely free using some websites that we will propose in the next few lines.


Zedge is a well-known Internet portal that allows you to download wallpapers, ringtones and themes for free for all operating systems. To access the complete list of tones in the platform, simply connect to the appropriate Web page and click on the Play button in the box to listen to a preview of the chosen ringtone.

To proceed with the download, you need to click anywhere outside of the Play button (must appear the pointer to a magnifying glass with a + inside ) and on the next screen click on the icon Download this on the right ( arrow pointing downwards ) to proceed with unloading. If you are looking for something in particular, you can use the search field at the top ( Find something ).


If you did not find anything interesting about Zedge, try another Internet site called Tones7 that offers hundreds of ringtones to download. The operation of the Web portal is really simple. After connecting to the site, take advantage of both the section containing the genres, the Popular Ringtones and New Ringtones columns or the search field at the top ( Search Free Ringtones ) to search for ringtones.

Once the favorite ringtone has been found, listen to it by pressing the Play button. To proceed with the download, however, click on the link of the chosen content and press the Download or iPhone download buttons to download it in MP3 or M4R formats.

How to download free ringtones online: other solutions

In the event that neither Zedge nor Tones7 satisfied you, below you will find a list of other Internet sites where you can download free ringtones.

How to download free ringtones via app

If you are looking for apps to download ringtones for free directly from smartphones / tablets Android or iOS, then you absolutely must try the solutions that we show you below.


In addition to the website, you can also use Zedge on smartphones and tablets by downloading the free application available on official stores. So grab your smartphone / tablet AndroidiOS or Windows 10 Mobile and proceed with the download of the Zedge app from the Play Store, the App Store or the Microsoft Store.

Once the installation is complete, open the software and skip the screen that appears by pressing the appropriate buttons. Through the main screen of the software, look for the favorite ringtone by scrolling through the list or using the various options available and proceed with the download by pressing the down arrow (on iOS) or the Download option, accessible by tapping on the 3 dots at the top on the right of the ringtone playback screen to download, if you have an Android device.


Another application to be considered to download free ringtones directly from mobile is Audiko. It is a software containing a lot of backgrounds and tones with a very simple interface to understand in order to find the favorite content among those available.

After downloading from the Play Store and the App Store, start the software, look for the favorite ringtone using the magnifying glass at the top right or the Create Ringtone and Collections sections and proceed with the download by first pressing the arrow pointing towards the down and then the desired option (eg. Set the ringtone as messages ringer ) on Android or Add to bookmarks and then Install on iOS. In the latter case, it will be necessary to follow the instructions proposed to correctly set the ringtone on theiPhone.

How to download free ringtones via app: alternatives

Just as seen for Web sites, below are other applications to consider for free download of ringtones from your Android or iOS device.

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