How to delete all messages and chat Facebook Messenger in one click

How to delete all messages and chat Facebook Messenger in one click. There are some browser extensions that can help you clean up Messenger.

If your main goal is just to make sure that no one accessing your Facebook can control your message history, complete deletion is definitely the best option. However, if you’re just trying to clear your inbox, you might consider the “Archive” option. You can reach it by pressing the gear icon that app when you mouse over a conversation and click “Archive”. This moves the chats to a separate folder where old messages can be recovered hidden from the new ones.

How to delete all messages and chat Facebook Messenger

First method: normal method from Facebook

  • Open Messenger on any device.
  • Click on the gear icon that app when you mouse over a conversation.
  • Click “Delete”.
  • Click “Delete” again or, if you have any changes, click “Archive”.

You will have to do this for each individual chat manually. But if you want to bulk out or all your conversations, there’s a Chrome extension that comes to your rescue.

Chrome extension: Delete All Messages for Facebook

This extension allows you to select multiple chats simultaneously on Messanger opened by the browser.

  • Install the Delete all messages for Facebook Chrome extension.
  • Open Messenger in Chrome.
  • Scroll down to make sure all the chats you want to delete are already loaded on the page. The extension must see them when it is activated that app can show is what to delete.
  • Click the extension button in the Chrome extension toolbar at the top right.
  • Select “Choose and Delete” (choose and delete). Be careful, if you choose “Delete all”, the extension will erase all your messages. Click only if you really want it.
  • Select the conversations you want to delete using the checkboxes on the left side. Then, click “Delete selected messages” at the top of the page. This will delete only the messages you have selected.

If the checkboxes do not appear next to the messages you want to delete, try clicking “Choose and Delete” with the messages already loaded on the page.

If you have decided instead that you want to delete all your messenger chat in one click you can always do it with this extension. That’s how.

  • Open Messenger in Chrome and click on the extension icon in the toolbar at the top right.
  • as for the previous function, you will have to scroll down until all your chats are loaded, otherwise they will not be deleted.
  • Click on “Delete all messages” and click on the instructions below!

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