How to activate hotspots on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS on iPhone and iPad. If you need to activate hotspots here we will list the procedures to do it on the devices listed above.

How to activate hotspots


Creating a mobile hotspot on Windows 10 is ridiculously easy. Tap the Win + A key combination to open the Operations Center. Click on the option Expand at the bottom and search for “Mobile Hotspot”. Click to enable a hotspot.

Your laptop or tablet is now a mobile hotspot, but anyone who wants to connect will need the password. To get to the settings panel that gives you the password, the quickest way to go is to open the Operations Center again. Right click on the Mobile Hotspot switch and select “Go to Settings”.

The settings panel will give you the password you need to share with anyone who wants to connect to it. You can also choose to allow connections via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Mac OS

Open System Preferences and click Sharing. In the left column, select Internet Sharing in the list of services. Select how you want to activate it, for example via WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, etc. And turn it on.


Open the Settings app and search for your personal hotspot. Touch it and activate th personal hotspot switch. The screen itself has a password that you need to share with anyone who needs to connect to it. You can change the password if you want.


Open the Settings app and touch Network and Internet. Touch Hotspot and Tethering. Activate the mode in which you want to activate the hotspot. You can change the name of the WiFi hotspot and its password.


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