Messenger : How to delete embarrassing messages after sending

Are you wondering if on Messenger you can delete messages after sending and how? The answer is yes, thanks to the new update for the Facebook application.

Messenger is the messaging app developed by Facebook that contains messages and conversations exchanged on the popular social network. One of the more and more requested functions is the possibility to delete messages after sending, function already available on Whatsapp (property, we remind you, by Mark Zuckerberg and partners).

How many times have we regretted a message written on impulse? How many times have we sent a file to the wrong person, remedying a good fool? 
Deleting a message also sent from the recipient’s chat will no longer be a problem even on Messenger: thanks to the recent update it is now possible to delete a message sent in a few simple steps.

Messenger: how to delete messages after sending

Delete messages sent via Facebook and Messenger is already possible, if you have updated Messenger to the latest version available, both on iOS and Android, you can probably already take advantage of the new feature.

Doing it is simple, from mobile you just open the conversation on Messenger and hold on the message you selected: done this, in addition to the nice reaction, you can click on “Remove” in the small menu below (the command is on the right, after “Copy” and “Forward”).

You can delete messages and files attached by mistake only within 10 minutes from sending the same, choosing between two different options (remove it for yourself or for all). If you wish to delete the message so that it does not appear, click on delete for all. The recipient, or recipients, will still be informed of the change through the classic “This message has been deleted”, exactly as it already happens on WhatsApp.

From PC it’s even easier: once you have identified the message, press the options button (symbolized by the three dots, next to the emoji) and select “Delete”. Following these two procedures, you can delete both sent and received messages, always taking into account the limit regarding the ten minutes after sending.

One thing is certain: Facebook and Messenger currently hold the largest number of users connected and active, both mobile and desktop. WhatsApp has a widespread distribution in our and other countries, but Messenger is widely used to communicate in Canada and in the States. Such a function becomes indispensable for an app used in this way, but perhaps there is more behind its introduction.

A few months ago, some newspapers reported that Mark Zuckerberg and other bigwigs of Facebook had the exclusive right to delete their messages sent on Messenger, a function apparently deliberately denied to social users: to be forgiven Facebook promised the possibility of extending the feature at all, and here we are. Zuckerberg aims, in the near future, to combine Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, with functions and uses that are becoming increasingly uniform. Ready to update?

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