Hide your private photos on Android : Best Methods

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Since you have extremely private images saved on your smartphone or tablet equipped with Google’s mobile operating system, you are looking for a solution to hide them without resorting to special stratagems. In this new guide titled “Hide your private photos on Android“, we decided to list a series of applications that allow you to do this in a few simple steps.

How to hide photos on Android with Google Photos

The first solution we offer to hide personal photos on your Android device is to take advantage of the Google Photos app that is pre-installed on some devices. In particular, the famous Big G app offers a feature that allows you to do this with a few simple steps.

Let’s see what they are:

  • Grab your smartphone or Android tablet, locate the Photos app and press the icon to open it. In case you did not, however, you can make the free download directly from the Play Store.
  • Once opened, from the Photos screen, make a long tap on one of the images to be archived until the blue check appears at the top left of the thumbnail and then press on the other images you wish to hide.
  • After finishing the selection, tap on the 3 dots located at the top right, choose Archive from the small menu that appears and then press the DOne button or Go to archive to immediately access the folder where the selected photos were stored.

To access the Archive section, simply swipe from the left edge to the right edge or press the 3 dashes on the top left and choose Archive from the side menu that appears.

If you change your mind, you can restore the hidden images in the Photos tab by doing a long tap on one of the images and then a simple touch on the remaining and then choose the option Remove from the archive that appears in the menu after pressing the 3 dots in upper right. The photos will be found again in the section dedicated to the day they were taken.

Of course, the function provided by the Google Photos app goes to hide images only from the main feed but will continue to be visible using a simple file manager or the search field at the top.

How to hide photos on Android with Hide Pictures – Private Safe

Another free solution available for download on the Play Store is called Hide Images – Private Safe Box. This software allows you to hide photos and videos in the internal memory of your smartphone or tablet equipped with Google’s mobile operating system.

We see all the steps to use it better:

  • Grab your terminal, proceed to download the software from the Google market and then start it once the installation is complete.
  • From the screen that appears, start by setting a PIN, a password or a pattern by tapping on the small icon of the keyboard (shortly below the word Start with the setting of a personal PIN ) or on the 5 dots placed towards the lower right.
  • Once the setting is confirmed, fill in the e-mail address field by entering an e-mail address that you can access and press the Next button. Alternatively, press the word Continue without e-mail (and then press OK ) to continue without registration.
  • At this point, at the bottom right will open a menu containing the items Record videoTake photoCreate folder or Hide Photo & Video. Through these options you can take a picture, record a video, create a folder containing all the favorite files or hide a multimedia file in the gallery of your device.
  • To proceed with archiving an image or a video, tap on the Hide Photos & Video entry and then use the Photos and Video tabs to find the desired contents.
  • Enter the appropriate folder, simply tap on preview of the photos to hide to select them and then press the Import button at the bottom. You can do this simultaneously with both photos and videos.
  • Once the import is complete, tap the Next button from the warning that appears and then make a swipe from the left edge to the right, select the item SD Card and then the Select button located at the bottom right to confirm.
  • Returning to the main screen of the app Hide Pictures – Private Safe, pressing on the 3 dots on the bottom right of each thumbnail you can rename, move, unlock, share or delete an image or a video.

By accessing the app settings (by tapping on the gear icon at the top right), you can activate the fingerprint authentication by activating the appropriate function ( Authentication with fingerprints ) pressing on its switch, lock the app shaking the smartphone, choose if use external memory instead of internal memory and much more. Most of the features, however, are accessible only by purchasing the premium version at a cost of $3.99 one-off.

How to hide photos on Android with Calculator – Photo Vault

Another free software that allows you to hide photos on your Android smartphone or tablet is Calculator – Photo Vault. The application is also available in a paid version (from the cost of 2.09 dollars ) which allows you to remove banner ads, activate access via fingerprint and also hide the clips.

That said, let’s see how:

  • Once you have downloaded the application from the Google Play Store and installed it, click on its icon to start it.
  • From the message that appears Setup password, tap on the Confirm button, press on Allow to give consent to the software to access the contents on the device, then enter 4 digits of your choice to set the password and confirm by tapping on %.
  • After pressing Confirm and confirm the access key again, access the Image screen of the Calculator – Photo Vault app.
  • To start archiving your favorite photos, you can either take advantage of the already available Default folder or create a custom one by pressing + on the top right, filling in the text field inserting the preferred name to assign to the new folder and confirm by pressing Create.
  • At this point, tap the folder in which to store the photos and then use the two icons that appear at the bottom right to take a picture directly using the camera of the smartphone or Android tablet in your possession or to download media files from the gallery, respectively.
  • Once you have selected the photos to hide by simply tapping the thumbnail or using the icon at the top right to select all and the red button located at the bottom right, tap on the To Setup button that appears in the Setup Recovery E-mail to enter a recovery e-mail address in case you forget your password. In the next screen, you will find the instructions to follow to restore the security key that will be sent to the email address you entered. Remember to confirm by pressing on  in the upper right corner.
  • Once this is done, you will be in front of the folder containing the hidden images. To add content, simply press the + in the bottom right and select the preferred method for importing. To bring back one or more photos in the original path, you have to tap on the icon at the top right, choose the image or images in question and press on Export that you find at the bottom. Using the Move function, on the other hand, you can move contents from one folder to another while with Delete you delete one or more files.

How to hide photos on Android: alternatives

In addition to the solutions mentioned earlier, below we decided to list some alternative applications to consider if you were not satisfied with Google PhotosHide Images – Private Safe or Calculator – Photo Vault.


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