How to put passwords to apps on iPhone or iPad

Sometimes it can be useful to password protect the apps you want to increase your privacy on iPhone or iPad. This procedure is easily implemented thanks to updates from iOS 12 onwards, with which a new feature has been introduced: we are talking about Screen Time. Thanks to this you can put passwords to the app on iPhone or iPad. Do not know how to do it? Do not worry, we are here for this and we will be happy to explain it to you! At this point there is nothing left to do but get comfortable and read our article.

Put password to the app

The functionality that we mentioned in the introduction, Screen Time, does not really have the purpose of protecting apps using a password. It often happens that you do not realize how much time you spend on an app and this function is born to allow users to monitor the amount of time dedicated to the use of any app, whether on the iPhone or iPad. However, thanks to how it is structured, this feature can be used to protect, through a password, your apps and their contents. In doing so, even if you had to leave your smartphone to someone, the latter could not in any way stick his nose in your affairs!

To protect your apps with a password you will need to follow the following steps:

  • go to Settings, then press on Screen Time and activate it;
  • tap on Turn on “Screen Time”;
  • enter the code that will then be requested to unlock the protected apps;
  • press on App Limits, then on Add restriction of use;
  • if asked, enter the code you have chosen;
  • tap on the usage time chart, this way you will be shown the apps you use the most;
  • at this point choose the apps to protect. If you do not have to display the one you want, press View more to see the other apps;
  • Finally, tap on the Add restriction of use, set the limit of one minute and, in the upper right, go to Add.

The procedure is now complete, but you must be careful! To function as you wish, you’ll need to use the app in question for at least a minute a day; after this time, to continue using the app you will have to go to Request more time and you will be asked to enter the security code.

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