Which Pokémon to power up on Pokémon GO

If you are keen on Pokémon GO, then you should know that despite having captured the rarest Pokémon, it is not said that they have high PL or an excellent IV. To avoid star dust and candy, it would be better to check the potential of your Pokémon; on Internet there are several free calculators that allow you to find out if the Pokémon you captured is the best of its kind or not. In this guide we will show you how to find out which Pokémon to power up on Pokémon GO.

Which Pokémon to power up on Pokémon GO

Often the strongest Pokémon on Pokémon GO are the rarest ones, such as Dragonite or Mewtwo. Nevertheless, it is not certain that the rare Pokémon you have found is the strongest of all. In fact, in some cases capturing a Dratini and making it evolve could be more productive than capturing Dragonite. This happens because of the genes of a Pokémon, or the IVs, which are not always the same. To find out which monster is better to enhance or evolve, you must primarily choose Pokémon with more PL that you have captured; Once this is done, you will have to filter the selection by removing the Pokémon that will have a low maximum PL score. You can do this by consulting the list of Pokémon’s strongest Pokémon GO  (offered by GameInfo). During the evaluation you will have to take the fact into account that some Pokémon in your possession may not have evolved yet.

Once the analysis is done, you will remain with the strongest Pokémon you have captured; before enhancing it or evolving it, you will need to use an Evolution calculator and an IV calculator, which are tools that allow you to understand how many PLs your Pokémon will have when it has been upgraded or evolved.

Evolution calculator

An Evolution calculator can tell how many Battle Points your Pokémon will have once evolved; in this way you can save candy and star dust. It also allows you to understand, through an estimate of the PL, which Pokémon to power up on Pokémon Go. If the Pokémon you are interested in has a low percentage of PL, then you will want to upgrade it before it evolves, otherwise evolving it may require more star dust.

IV calculator

An IV calculator lets you know the percentage of IV that a Pokémon has, so you can see if the Pokémon you have captured is the best of its kind. Moreover, by becoming aware of the IVs, you will be able to understand which creatures to strengthen or not; in fact, if the latter has a low IV percentage, making it evolve or strengthen will be counterproductive, since it will not achieve the results you have hoped for.

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