How to Delete Google History on Android Phones

Google is undoubtedly THE web giant par excellence, a company able to provide its users with many excellent quality services in a completely free way. In addition to the famous search engine, in fact, Big G presents a suite of applications that can make the user experience on the net rich and satisfying.

Among the many features present, Google offers a detailed account of all our activities performed using its services, so as to always have this information available both for security reasons and for a simple history.

This collection of information is synchronized, of course, with all the devices on which our Google account is present, as, for example, on the smartphone there is also the history of positions, a section that contains a history of all our movements. Not always, however, the collection and cataloging of such information is frowned upon since, despite the security systems, it can be seen as a “danger” to one’s own privacy.

How to Delete Google History on Android Phones

Delete Google Android history

For this or other reasons, Google allows you to delete the history of all these operations and, if you wish, to disable it altogether. Before proceeding, however, it is necessary to make a distinction on 2 particular types of history.

  • Search History (Chrome): This type of history is the one saved exclusively on the Chrome browser. Here, in fact, we find all the sites visited by the device on which we are browsing and, in response, also the searches made on Google. Eliminate this history, in fact, eliminates the list of pages visited, but does not delete the history of activities linked to our Google account and synchronized with all connected devices;
  • Activity history (Google Account): Here we find all the searches and activities carried out on the devices connected to the Google account, so that, if it is eliminated, it leaves no trace of our operations on any of these terminals.

Having clarified this simple but substantial difference, let’s see how to proceed to eliminate the information of interest to us from the history.

Delete search history (Chrome)

Cleaning up the list of searches and sites visited is an extremely simple operation that can be performed on any browser. In particular, since Chrome is linked to our Google account, it shares its history with all the other devices on which Chrome is present with our account logged in.

To eliminate it, from the main Chrome screen you need to plug on the 3 dots at the top right and choose the History item. Here, tapping on the bottom button Clear browsing data and confirming the pop-up, we will delete the information saved on the device and on the connected devices.

Delete search and activity history

Our Android devices, whatever the manufacturer, have the ability to access this kind of information by using the appropriate section within the settings. To access it, all we have to do is look for the settings icon in the apps on our smartphone and, once selected, go to Google.

Here, select Google Account and then Data & Personalisation, it is necessary to tap on Manage Your Data & Personalisation, then on Web and app activity and finally on Manage Activity. In the screen that opens you just have to plug on the 3 dots at the top right, choose Delete activity by and, under the entry Delete by date, choose Always as period and then tap on Delete.

At this point, once the pop-up is confirmed, any search and activities carried out with our Google account will be deleted and impossible to recover.

Delete position history

To eliminate the history of our locations, we will have to make use of the Google Maps application. Once opened, in the side menu you need to go to the History section, a section dedicated to viewing this type of information. Here, by tapping on the 3 dots at the top right, you can delete the history of the day you are viewing or, as we will do, go to Settings.

At this point all that remains is to select the item Delete all History of locations and confirm again our intentions in the pop-up that will open immediately after. In doing so, all the places you visit and the routes taken to reach them will be deleted from your account.

These were the procedures to follow to eliminate all information collected by Google and included in the history. If you have doubts, questions or simply want to have your say the invitation, as always, is to leave a comment below.

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