How to delete your history from Google Home

Google Home stores all your commands on Google’s servers. For your security and privacy, here’s how to delete the history of recordings.
Google Home: how to delete the history

Just as we can delete the Google search history for more privacy, you can also delete all voice recordings directed to Google Assistant for smartphones or Google Home devices.

Google’s smart speaker, which has become increasingly popular in the world, responds to voice commands and stores all the data collected. These speakers have microphones and are just waiting to be summoned to get into full listening mode. On Google Home devices, which use Google Assistant, the command is “Hey Google” or “Ok Google”. To learn more about you and provide better answers Google stores the audio of your questions and requests to the virtual assistant. This can be a problem for security and privacy, but you can erase the history of Google Assistant both through Google Home and smartphone. Here’s how to do it.

How to clear Google Assistant history

To view the voice for Google Assistant you can go to or go to Google to access the account by clicking on your profile icon in the upper right and select Google Account> Information and privacy> Manage your Google Activity. On the next page, click Go to My Activity.

From the mobile the steps are almost the same. In the Google iOS app, click on your profile, then click Manage your Google account> Personal information and privacy> My activities. On the My Activities page you can scroll through and view dates and times of voice recordings: all the information that Google has collected about you through Assistant is here. You can also listen to your recordings and all the commands given to Google Home or Google Assistant.

Each individual item has a menu designated by an icon with three vertical dots. Click here to view details such as the device or app that heard the command or to delete it from the history. You can also delete history data in bulk, by date or by type of recordings. Choose a product (you can not combine Assistant and Voice and audio) and then click Delete.

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