With the new update to MacOS Mojave some users have started to encounter the first problems caused by imperfections and bugs of various kinds. One of the most frequent and widespread is related to the audio of the Mac that would seem to stop suddenly when playing videos, music or surfing the Internet. Not necessarily the problem can be traced back to the update and in case you have any doubt it is appropriate to proceed with a more detailed and deep diagnostic method. So let’s see how to find the right solution to the audio of the Mac that does not work.


Restoring the audio subsystem

If you have upgraded to MacOS Mojave before getting alarmed, you should try a solution directly from the command line. There are many users who complain of problems like this after the update and in most cases it is always solved in a short time. All you have to do is open the Terminal by searching for it with Spotlight and launch the command:

sudo kill -9 `ps ax | grep 'coreaudio [az]' | awk '{print $ 1}' `

This is necessary to restart the audio subsystem which should now return to normal operation. If this does not happen, it is better to go deeper by following the advanced solutions.

Advanced solutions

Before bringing your Mac to service, you can check if the problem can be caused by other factors. In this case they could be the cause:

  • Audio jack that can, just like smartphones, fill with dust or dirt and confuse the computer by making it detect a headset or a headset that actually does not exist.
  • Bluetooth devices such as speakers or earphones with volume at minimum and therefore not perceptible.
  • Peripheral like AirPlay Apple TV or AirPlay speakers.
  • External devices cause bugs or conflicts of various kind (disconnect all USB devices or not).

If you have doubts about AirPlay devices just go to System Preferences and access Sound> Output. All the devices for the output will be shown here. If instead checking the body of the Mac you notice a red light coming out from the audio port then it is a hardware problem solved only by bringing the device in assistance.


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