Facebook soon could introduce the possibility of revoking sent messages just like it happens on Whatsapp. A really useful feature that could save the lives of all of us especially when we are wrong to send a message.

The functionality that will allow you to delete messages sent on Facebook Messenger just like on Whatsapp is very close and confirmation is provided directly by a developer who works for the company of Zuckerberg.

Who has never been in the typical situation of having mistakenly sent a message to a wrong person? Who has never even simply regretted having written to a former in conditions of lack of clarity?

Who like Zuckemberg, top manager of the most popular online profile/chat platform has never been in a position to prevent their public image from legal attacks for past chats that took place in contexts that are currently uncomfortable?

The news of the company’s top manager is just a few minutes ago, confirming the rumor of the current development phase of a “Tool” that will shortly be able to delete unwanted messages, whether they have already been sent or you have not still thought; but mind you, the tool has not yet been launched on the platform!

The decision of the company to unveil the development of this tool was taken following the recent discovery by some users, who had the “privilege” to entertain some chats with their beloved multi-billion dollar developer; no longer have any trace of such chats, or rather they have contacted that the answers of the interlocutor (Mark Zuckerberg) have been completely eliminated from these.

Facebook Messenger: the possibility of revoking messages soon

It is not the first time that such strangeness is denounced by users; the fact soon brings to mind the events of 2014, when the app introduced the possibility for the top manager to be able to erase uncomfortable chat messages unwelcome, with particular reference to the exchange of ideas “between Zuckerberg and the Sony company.

But what has left the users more forbidden has not been so much the fact itself, as the complete silence in which the company has acted, in short, a notification would have been welcome!

And that’s why when these users asked the company what happened, why the chats disappeared, the company’s top manager promptly announced that this episode is related to the development of this new tool, which the company apologizes for not announcing the disruption that such innovations would bring and that soon as well as on Whatsapp even Messenger will soon be possible to rethink the time point of sending a message and retrace their steps.

In short, a preventive action, however, led to the idea of implementing the functionality of the app, an update never hurts.

The following is an excerpt of an email that a user had with the company on the issue discussed: “Now we will develop a similar tool available for all but it will take some time. As long as this possibility is not given to everyone, we will not delete other messages from our managers. We should have done it before and we’re sorry we did not do it.”

Now you just have to wait for notifications from the comrades to, or any new updates of the app, one thing is certain the company will think twice before not warning users as they will turn off the phone in view of less bright conditions at least until the release of the tool, which is soon said will be a life saver soon.


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