How to make anonymous Telegram chats

We already have a guide on Instagram to “Send Anonymous messages on Instagram” and on WhatsApp “Send anonymous messages to WhatsApp without showing your number“. Now let’s see how to make anonymous Telegram chats.

Telegram Established in 2013 by Russian developer Pavel Durov, quickly gained the reputation of anti-WhatsApp. A success that is the result of innovative functions subsequently implemented also within other messaging platforms (someone said chatbot and sticker?). Among these, one of the most interesting is that which allows anonymous Telegram chats. These are secret conversations through which you can send end-to-end encrypted messages that self-destruct after a few seconds.

A feature that intrigues you, is not it? Needless to deny that has intrigued me too, so much so that I wanted to try both on the iPhone, both on the Android smartphone, testing the operation and the various options. Are you interested too? Then I can be of great help: in the following guide I will explain how to make anonymous Telegram chats, how to set the timer and how to send a secret message with Telegram. Ready? All you need is your smartphone and a few moments of patience. Sending messages that self-destruct with Telegram is easier than you can imagine.

How to make anonymous Telegram chats

To make anonymous Telegram chats and send self-destruct messages, you can only use your smartphone. Neither Telegram Web nor the clients developed for the various operating systems, in fact, support this functionality (at the time of writing).

This is not, however, a big loss: you can create secret chats of Telegram using iPhone or Android, within a few seconds and without major difficulties. You just need a little time to learn how to do it alone. Here we are? Then take your smartphone and start reading the guide on how to send messages that self-destruct with Telegram.




Making anonymous chats Telegram with iPhone does not require particular knowledge or computer skills. All you need to do is learn the right sequence of keys and you’re done. Open Telegramlog in with your phone number (in case you have not already done so) and, after loading the user interface, press the square icon with a pencil in the middle (it is in the upper right corner).

At this point, you can start one of the Telegram anonymous chats. In the menu that appears, choose the item New secret chat, select the contact from the app’s address book and wait a few moments. In the bottom bar, adjust the timer for self-destructive messages. Choose a time interval ranging from 1 second to 1 week. Once this term has elapsed, the message will automatically self-destruct. Alternatively, you can choose Off, and have the messages readable until you or the other contact cancels the conversation.

To send a message to the time period of 10 seconds, for example, you will need to set the 10-second timer, enter your message with the virtual keyboard and press the button Send, light blue, arrow that has the point vertical ‘high.


The procedure to follow for anonymous chat Telegram with Android is slightly different than the one just seen for iPhone. After launching the app and logging in with your phone number (in case you have not already done so before), the main interface of the app will be loaded. Here, now press the blue button with a pencil in the middle.

This will open the interface of the address book, but it is not the one that should interest you. Focus on the top of this screen and select New Secret Chat. To send a self-destructive message, choose the name of the contact with whom you want to speak in absolute secrecy and type the message text following the usual procedure. You can also send a photo or video. First, however, you will have to wait for the other contact to connect to Telegram and accept your invitation to the secret Telegram chat.

If, on the other hand, you want to send a self-destructive message, you will need to set the timer. You can do this by pressing the icon in the form of three vertical dots that appears at the top right and choosing the Self-destruct timer item from the menu.

At this point, you can start exchanging messages that disappear in anonymous Telegram chats. Their expiration, of course, will depend on how the timer is configured. It should also be noted that it is not possible to make screenshots of the secret Telegram chats. This is an additional security measure to prevent anyone from divulging around the secrets of others.

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