Today we return to talk about Telegram, the famous messaging app that I personally prefer to far from WhatsApp for features, customization, security and more.

Today, in particular, I want to devote some space to the secret chats on Telegram, one of the most popular features of this messaging app, but still only few know.

If you have also heard of secret chats on Telegram but you do not know exactly what they are and how they work, I explain below in detail everything you need to know about the secret chats of Telegram. 

In a few minutes, you will know perfectly these secret chats, you will learn how to use them, use them to the fullest.

Now let’s start with the article!

Secret chats Telegram: what they are

What does Telegram secret chat mean? What is the secret chat? What does secret chat on Telegram mean?

Let’s start by saying that a secret chat on Telegram differs from a normal chat because it is encrypted so that it can not leave a trace either on the Telegram server, or in the phone’s memory of its interlocutor, which in this way cannot save the text or take screenshots.

Very interesting then the self-destruction function, which, by means of a preset timer, offers the possibility of automatically destroying the conversation in order to make all its tracks disappear.

Here, these are the main characteristics of a secret chat on Telegram.

What is the secret chat of Telegram?

It allows you to chat with more privacy and security than a regular chat.

In a secret room, the platform uses end-to-end encryption that leaves no trace of messages on Telegram’s cloud servers.

The user with whom you chat ccannot save the conversation on his smartphone, tablet or PC. In addition, messages have a self-destruct timer and forwarding is not possible.

Is the conversation on Telegram really secret?

In theory yes.

The privacy of a conversation in a secret chat is however considerably more protected than a public, private or direct.

It is an encrypted communication, the outgoing messages are coded with an encryption key and no one can decrypt and read the contents of the messages even if they intercept them during transmission. Only the recipient can decrypt the message.

In addition, Telegram does not store messages from the secret chat on its servers.

The person you are exchanging messages does not keep messages in the chat history on your smartphone or PC, nor can you forward them to other users.

The level of security is therefore very high. 

And let’s not forget that when you delete a message from a device, it will also automatically delete on the other device. Finally, if you set a timer, the messages self-destruct once the time period you have indicated has passed.

How to create a secret chat on Telegram?

The procedure is really very simple.

Once you have installed the Telegram app on your smartphone, in order to create a secret chat, simply slide your finger to the right to open the Menu and from here choose the New secret chat option.

Once the list of your contacts is open, you can click on the one you are interested in to start chatting.

If the person accepts the conversation, the secret chat page opens where you can exchange files, text or voice messages, with the person without leaving a trace either on the instant messenger servers, or on the devices (smartphones, tablets) you are using.

As anticipated, the secret chat has a timer for self-destruction: to change the timer settings you have to go to the menu on the top right (the three vertical dots) and click Self-destruct timer.

At this point you will open a window from which you can set the timing of life of the chat, before it is self destroyed (among the various options you have “a week, a second, a day or off”).

View the secret chats of Telegram on PC, Mac and desktop

Can I see the secret chat on the PC with Telegram Desktop? NO. 

Unfortunately, the secret chats of Telegram only work on smartphones. 

The secret chat only works on the device you are using, the one where you opened it. It is a client-client transmission: Telegram does not store the secret chat messages on the cloud servers, so the messages are recorded only on your mobile and on that of your interlocutor and can not arrive on the PC or on the desktop.

To function and remain secure, these secret chats are based on a reserved, encrypted technology, which as previously mentioned does not allow you to save or forward the chat on the PC, Mac or desktop app.

Precisely for this reason, you will not be able to view a secret chat on your PC, Mac or desktop.

How to save secret chat photos Telegram?

Without too many turns of words, it is not possible to do it.

Everything that is exchanged in the secret chat can not be saved or downloaded on your smartphone, just as you can not take screenshots in the secret chat of Telegram.

You can optionally use another phone to take a picture of the smartphone screen on which you have opened the secret Telegram chat, but you can not download and save any photos you receive in the secret Telegram chat.

Secret chat in Telegram: what it is, how it works and what it is for – Conclusions

With this article we have concluded. I hope I have made clarity on the subject.

In case of doubts or questions, however, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will help you as soon as possible.


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