ExtraTorrent closed: Here are 3 best alternatives

ExtraTorrent has shut down permanently: this is the message that appears when you try to access the homepage of the site.

It was one of the biggest and most used sites to download and search torrent in the world. 

Why did they close ExtraTorrent?

The reason seems obvious (even if not confirmed directly by the site managers): piracy. Some film or video majors will have filed a lawsuit against the portal, which to avoid big trouble with justice has decided to close up shack and puppets.

And so another of the largest Torrent sites in the world is forced to disappear from the web.

In addition to the main site, all the various link mirrors have been closed and the entire database has been completely deleted, specifying to stay away from any fake websites that try to exploit their fame.

ExtraTorrent closes: The history of the site

Just for info, note that ExtraTorrent was launched back in 2006 and over the years has become one of the main portals to refer to in the world of torrents. With a large and very active community, the site was able to collect millions of hits every day, resulting second only to the giant The Pirate Bay.

What’s left now that ExtraTorrent has also been closed?

If you also use ExtraTorrent to search and download your files, however, do not worry: fortunately, there are many other sites that do more or less the same things.

Here you are the best 3 alternatives to ExtraTorrent to search and download Torrent files on the internet. 

Best Torrent sites 2017: here are the best alternatives to ExtraTorrent, Kickass and Torrentz

ExtraTorrent was one of the biggest search engines for Torrent files, but, after it was closed, the geeks of the network are already ready to migrate to other alternative services.

Here are the alternatives to ExtraTorrent that closed its doors

First of all, I would like to point out that those who want to see the latest movies or the latest TV series broadcast on satellite channels, can always rely on the streaming, especially considering that today there are many websites that allow you to watch movies and TV series so completely free streaming from any platform, without registration and without the need to install any software on your computer.

The same is true for anyone who wants to download programs, games or other files from the Internet: there are many websites and forums in which you can find materials of any kind, to be downloaded for free from many file hosting sites like Mega, Usarscloud, Uploaded, Rapidgator and many others.

In short, it is clear that the alternatives to Torrent files are not lacking and, indeed, are in my opinion much more comfortable, fast and easy to use.

But if you are very attached to the world of Torrent files and you want to support the Torrent to download movies, TV series, games and programs from the Internet, continue reading.

Even after ExtraTorrent shut down, there are several websites that allow you to search and download Torrent files.

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Choose the best site to lean on to find and download your Torrent files from the internet. 

The black corsair

Probably the best site to search for torrents. Inside you will always find the latest news, all divided into categories for a quick, clear and effective search. To try and add to bookmarks.

LINK | The black corsair

TNT Village

Another community very active in the world and in sharing torrent files. To access the site you have to register, but the registration is completely free and will grant you access to a lot of Italian material, safe and reliable, ready to be downloaded in a few clicks.

LINK | TNT Village

Some more torrenting sites:

Among these, a quick mention to these 3.

1. The Pirate Bay

Although it has been closed and re-opened many times, it remains one of the most famous Torrent sites, known and used in the world. They tried to block it, but it’s always back online. It is undoubtedly the king of the Torrent. Inside there are songs, music, albums, games, movies, programs, ebooks and much more.

At the moment it is working on the .org domain.


Following the closure of ExtraTorrent, RARBG became the second most popular and used Torrent site in the world, just after The Pirate Bay. Founded in 2008, it offers indexing of Torrent files and magnet links to download movies, TV series, videos, games, music, programs and much more.

3. YTS / YIFI.ag

The current version of the YTS website is in no way linked to the original version or to the YFIF group. In any case, at the current moment on the site there are many films to download for free.

How safe is it to download Torrents from the Internet?

If you download Torrent files from the Internet, be very careful! Not everyone knows, indeed many think that downloading Torrent from the internet is safe and anonymous, but it is not.

You have to be very careful, because the provider of the ADSL line (which can be Telecom, Wind, Vodafone …) keeps track of everything you do while surfing the Internet, so they know exactly what sites you visit, what you download, what movies you watch and what files download via Torrent.

So, if you think about downloading Torrent in anonymity from the Internet, be very careful, because your ISP (the ADSL line provider in fact) keeps track of everything you do on the web, including the Torrent files you download.

If you decide to download Torrent files from the Internet and you want to do it safely, entrust yourself to a VPN, so that your traffic is secure, anonymous and protected. Only with a VPN can you download any file, program, document, film, TV series from the web without the risk of being discovered and in total anonymity.


Well, I would say that we have concluded. See the next guide on the world of Torrent files.

As always, for doubts and questions you can use the comments at the end of the article.

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