How To Download video and Movies From Instagram IGTV

As we have seen in recent weeks, Instagram has officially launched its new application dedicated to the publication and sharing of long videos to directly challenge YouTube, IGTV. We talked about it here:

While on the official app of Instagram we can still only share videos that last a maximum of 59 seconds (in Stories only 15 seconds), through IGTV we can publish and upload videos that last up to 60 minutes, a bit like on YouTube, but without monetization.

That said, if you too have started using IGTV and you have discovered that there are so many interesting videos, that maybe you would like to look offline, without internet and later, maybe more calmly, in this article I explain you step by step how to download videos from IGTV. 

You can download all the videos from IGTV to have them always available on your PC, Mac or Android device. You can watch them when you want, without Internet connection, without consuming data traffic, in a few simple clicks.

Let’s start with the guide to download videos and movies from IGTV. 

The steps you need to follow to download videos and movies from IGTV are few and simple.

Steps to download videos in Windows computer or MacOS:

  • Copy the IGTV video address you want to download: unfortunately, IGTV currently only works on smartphones, so to get the link you will have to switch from your phone. You must then open Instagram, go to the IGTV section, search for the video you want to download and play it. You will notice then that in the video there is a button with 3 dots: touch it and from the menu that appears select “Copy link”
  • now that you have copied the link of the IGTV video you want to download, you must somehow send it to your PC/Mac. If you use Telegram you can paste it in the chat with yourself so you have it right away on your PC/Mac. If you do not use Telegram you can use any other notes app that synchronizes quickly between smartphones and PC/Mac, such as Google Keep, Google documents, Dropbox or any other app that allows you to quickly switch this link from your phone to your computer
  • visit the IGTV Downloader website: when you arrive on the site’s home, paste the link you just copied into the search bar, then click on the “Search” button
  • Click on the “Download now” button (when it appears) to start downloading your video from IGTV

Once this is done, the IGTV movie will be downloaded to your PC / Mac in MP4 format.

And here it is done!

If the IGTV Downloader site does not work for any reason, you can try these alternative and free:


Steps to download IGTV videos in Android:

  • Download an app from the Play Store that allows you to download IGTV videos directly to your phone
  • open Instagram and copy the link to the IGTV video you want to download (read the instructions above)
  • paste the URL of the video you want to download from IGTV directly into the “IGTV Video Downloader” app that I had you download before
  • start and wait for the download to finish

Simple, convenient and fast.

And here in a few clicks you have downloaded your video from IGTV directly on Android. You will find the IGTV video directly in the smartphone gallery. 

Always for Android, in case of problems with this app, I suggest you try the free alternative SAVEO, you can find it directly on the Play Store

As I told, the procedure from Android is much faster, more convenient and faster. 

Unfortunately, at the moment I do not know applications to download videos from IGTV directly on iPhone and iOS. In case of news, I will update the article anyway.


For this guide, I would say that we have just concluded.

In case of doubts or questions, leave a comment at the end of the article.

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