IGTV Video Format and Resolution: Here are the perfect ones

What is the right format and resolution for videos to be uploaded to IGTV? Here is the perfect resolution for your IGTV video

As we have seen in recent weeks, Instagram has officially launched its new application dedicated to the publication and sharing of long videos to directly challenge YouTube, IGTV.

We talked about it here:

While on the official Instagram app we can only share videos that last a maximum of 59 seconds (in Stories only 15 seconds), through IGTV we can publish and upload videos that last up to 60 minutes, a bit like on YouTube, but without monetization.

That said, if you’ve decided to open your IGTV channel and share videos on the famous platform, before starting your business I’ll give you some advice: try to get the most out of your videos for IGTV, especially for the format and resolution. 

Unfortunately, many people immediately started using IGTV, but did not worry about adapting their videos to the particular format of the platform.

The result is video cut, disproportionate, where some parts do not appear, others are cut in an embarrassing way or other problems that can be avoided simply by showing a minimum of attention to what you do before uploading a video on IGTV.

If you are ready to start uploading videos to your IGTV channel, before starting to record the video, I advise you to pay close attention to the correct format and resolution for these movies.

IGTV Video Format and Resolution: Here are the correct ones

First of all you need to know that IGTV, being designed for smartphones, supports only vertical videos. It is therefore useless to load horizontal videos on IGTV, which will not be accepted by the platform.

Very important then is to respect a determined aspect ratio, resolution and video size. 

In particular, the video that loads on IGTV must have radio aspect of 4: 5 or 9:16, otherwise as anticipated it will have some reproduction problems and some parts will be cut.

Turning to video resolution for IGTV, then height and width, here are the precise measurements.

  • 4K: 2160 x 3840
  • Full HD: 1080 x 1920
  • HD: 720 x 1280
  • 4K: 2160 x 2700
  • Full HD: 1080 x 1350
  • HD: 720 x 900

Mark these data, save them somewhere, print them and keep them in mind.

If you upload any video on IGTV, you must comply with these standards otherwise you will surely have problems. 

I also remind you that at the moment the 4: 5 ratio is not supported by any Android or iOS smartphone in an official way. With the arrival of IGTV some third-party apps start to support video recording in 4: 5, but they are still very few.

This means that in most cases your videos will be shot in 9:16, so check that all other parameters are correct before proceeding to upload the video to the platform. 


For this guide I would say that we have just concluded.

In case of doubts or questions, leave a comment at the end of the article.

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