How to start Samsung Galaxy S9 in Safe Mode

How to start the Samsung Galaxy S9 Safe Mode. Here’s through this guide, you’ll learn how to start the Samsung Galaxy S9 Safe Mode. Starting up in safe mode can help you solve certain software problems on your Samsung device.

Smartphones are smart because of the functions they can perform. Functions can only be performed with the help of two main factors. One is software, the other is hardware. Hardware is a constant attribute, but software is something that is always updated and can often crash.

When the device stops abnormally or has problems from time to time it could be considered normal. But periodic shutdowns could be the result of problems with software or hardware. Starting the Samsung Galaxy S9 Safe Mode will allow users to manage software problems caused by third-party apps and software installed on the device.

One of the worst nightmares for any Android user is to lock the phone while you’re using it. This is because every activity is now integrated with the smartphone. For example, we do not know a number of our contact. To access this type of information we can not do anything but access the Contacts app. But what if your new Samsung device enters bootloop (automatic reboots) or the app itself keeps on closing?

Of course, not even the newly purchased devices are far from such problems. After a period of time, the system could show this type of problem by blocking the normal operation of the phone. In this case, one of the most practical techniques is to start the Samsung Galaxy S9 Safe Mode.

How to start the Samsung Galaxy S9 Safe Mode

  1. First of all, turn off the Galaxy S9/S9 Plus completely.
  2. Simply long press the power button and tap the “Power off” button.
  3. Once the phone is off, press and hold the power button.
  4. Press and hold the power button until you see the Samsung logo.
  5. As soon as the Samsung logo appears, release the power button and hold down the Volume Down key.
  6. Continue to hold down the key until the operating system starts up completely.
  7. After the boot process completes, you will see the “Safe Mode” watermark at the bottom left of the phone screen.
  8. So you’ve just restarted your Galaxy S9 in Safe Mode.

You can also go ahead and analyze the device for any problems you have had during normal startup.

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