5 best apps for editing Instagram IGTV videos

How to edit videos on IGTV? Since Instagram has launched its video platform that competes with YouTube and has enjoyed great popularity among VIPs and influencers, many are wondering how to edit the videos and add effects to customize them.

If Youtube is designed for use in the classic horizontal format, shot with a video camera and then switched to Mac and PC for editing, IGTV (Here’s how it works and how to use it) proposes a faster system, with filming carried out in vertical format directly with the smartphone. The idea is that of an immediate and fast content, similar to the Stories but longer.
What’s the point, to change the device for editing? There are many free apps that allow you to edit and improve videos quickly.

Here are the best video editing apps for IGTV but not only.

iMovie (iOS)

The first app is the only iOS exclusive: it is iMovie, known by most Apple users. Its popularity is due in part to its dissemination, since it is also a software for Mac, and partly to the professionalism it can offer.
You can easily import portions of videos and movies, choose from numerous templates and music, add transitions between clips and set filters.

There is also slow-motion and fast-forward, to give your shots even more vitality. It also supports 4K, which can also be loaded on IGTV.

Quik (iOS/Android)

Here is finally an editor for Android users: Quik, the app available on both Google Play and Apple Store developed by GoPro.
This app will also allow you to easily combine videos and clips, add photos from the gallery and Instagram. It also allows you to choose a starting theme, such as Action or Epic, which will determine the special effects.

This app does not offer much autonomy and is indeed perfect for when you want to fix a content quickly. Allows you to cut, add text, rotate, increase or decrease the volume and some other functions.
A big advantage offered by Quik is the speed of sharing on social media.

Adobe Premiere Clip (iOS/Android)

Adobe Premiere Clip helps you to combine your smartphone with Adobe’s standards and features.
To use it you need to create an ID, but it is a free pass that does not take too long.
This app is perfect for those who already use Premiere, for those unfamiliar with Adobe video editing, on the other hand, can confuse ideas, at least at the beginning.

FilmoraGo (iOS/Android)

The FilmoraGo interface is simple and intuitive. It will only be necessary to decide which clips to include in the video and choose a theme, such as Love or the 80s, to automatically set the effects and transitions. There is also a great choice regarding the music to be included.

Despite its easy use, however, it offers professional features such as cutting, slow-motion, voice-over, audio mixer and much more. It also allows you to download additional themes, filters and transitions for free or for payment.

KineMaster – Pro Video Editor (iOS/Android)

Even KineMaster tries to offer a professional but easy to use service: you can for example use multiple layers in the same video, with images and stickers, text or even freehand writing. There is a green screen option and an instant preview for all videos.

Of course, it also offers all the other functions such as cutting, brightness and the like. The app is highly appreciated by its users and could be what it takes to grow immediately on IGTV.

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