Netflix Smart Downloads: Automatically Download TV Series

New feature for Netflix: Smart Downloads allows you to download new episodes of TV series that we like to watch them offline without internet connection

Netflix, on smartphones and tablets Android comes the Smart Downloads feature

Great news arrives for all users who have a subscription to Netflix.

The company has announced today the Smart Downloads function, which will allow you to download content more easily by freeing up space on the device.

Netflix TV series download

As you probably know, Netflix has long been able to download episodes of TV series on smartphones and tablets Android/iOS to watch them on the move even without an internet connection.

The novelty of this new function is represented by the fact that now Netflix does everything automatically. 

Netflix Smart Downloads: what is it for?

Thanks to this new feature, once you have finished watching a downloaded episode, Smart Downloads will allow you to delete it and automatically download the next one.

NOTE: the download concerns only 1 following episode. Honestly I would have liked something more.

The new episode will be downloaded at the next connection with a WiFi network, in a totally automatic way.

You will not have to do anything: the function will download the new episode for you. When you want to watch your favorite TV series and you will be without internet connection, you will find it exactly where you expect it, even if you forgot to download it manually.

Too bad, as anticipated, that the automatic download goes to download only 1 episode: a little bit.


How to activate or deactivate Smart Downloads

Smart Downloads can be activated or deactivated in an extremely simple way, directly from your profile settings or from the editing option on the upper right side of the Download tab.

All very easy and fast, but above all comfortable!

How many times have you ever wanted to use Netflix on the go, but did you forget to download the new episodes of your favorite TV series?

Here, with Smart Downloads all this will not happen anymore because the app will do everything automatically for you. 

How is the quality of the downloaded files?

Obviously it is the same as that chosen with your subscription.

“Since we launched the download feature in 2016, one thing is clear: subscribers love downloading content and watching them outside the home. Whether you are on a home-to-work journey, on the road or simply in a place where Internet access is expensive or unreliable, with the download feature you can take stories that you do not want to miss with you, “said Cameron Johnson, Director of Netflix Product Innovation.

Recently, we recall, Netflix has introduced video previews for users who use smartphones.

This feature and that of Smart Downloads are part of a broader strategy “aimed at making the Netflix experience on mobile devices easier and more fun for subscribers”.

When will the Netflix Smart Downloads feature be available?

Smart Downloads will be available, initially, on smartphones and tablets based on Android.

Later on it will also arrive on iOS.

So, what do you think of this new feature of Netflix? Do you like it or not? Did you miss it?

For me it is a function as simple as it is potentially indispensable, because to all those who regularly use Netflix offline will have noticed to have not downloaded the new episode of their favorite series when now we were far from a WiFi. This way the problem is solved.