Some SEO Practices you should NOT follow anymore in 2018

Some old SEO rules that many still use and which may penalize your site. Here are the rules NOT to follow anymore in 2018

If you are a blogger and you write for a website surely one of the key points to increase your traffic and visits is to be better indexed on search engines. The optimization of content to appear among the first in the search results is called SEO and if done at best allows to be found by search engines such as Google and Bing.

Over the years, however, the SEO has changed, has been updated, modified and profoundly different to that seen even a few years ago. Changing algorithms, research methods and ever more evolved and functional engines that adapt to the changing of the human mind, returning more and more precise results.

Here with the passing of the years the rules of SEO change and some do not have to use anymore. We have collected 5 SEO practices that are now in disuse and should no longer be used as obsolete.

Here are some practical tips to NOT follow.

Advice NOT to follow for good SEO

We have selected the 5 recommendations not to follow to make an updated SEO in our time and not hold on to a past that could damage your site.

Keywords: Too many are bad

Use the keywords correctly and describe your article clearly but do not use too many keywords in an article.

The keyword, you have to insert it obviously in the title, in the permalink of the article, in the section opening article in h2 subtitles and then repeat it every 150 words not every sentence.

Article Directories

Article Directories are those practices that allow you to publish articles referring to your site. Well Article Directories do not like search engines. The guest blog is a very fruitful example of how it works best today.

To copy

It’s a general rule and always it does not appeal to search engines. If a few years ago the search engines were easy to make fun of them by changing the word order, now a copied content can be identified in a few clicks. Well do not copy and be creative. Both in the contents and in the original articles. So you will succeed.

There is not only Google

Do you know that there is not only Google? Ben there are giants like Bing, Yahaoo! and other social networks where to publish our content that think differently from Google. Making an SEO that points everything on Google is wrong.

Link exchange

It does not work anymore. The exchange of links with random websites, forums, blogs and others does not appeal to search engines. It is over 10 years that this penalizes the site from sites that do not deal with our sector.


If you find SEO tricky and difficult and just want to focus on your business you can run an SEO campaign. To learn more about what is an SEO campaign read this detailed guide.