Who blocked me on Instagram? Let’s find out together! Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks of the moment, a perfect place to share with friends, follow famous people or admire beautiful girls. The private profile mode greatly reduces the possibility that an unwanted person will follow us, but there is the possibility to block a profile so that it can not see our Instagram. But how do I know who blocked me on Instagram?  If you have any doubts and want to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram, keep reading the article.

Scrolling on Instagram in the last days, you noticed something strange. A particular user you’ve always seen has disappeared from your feed. Maybe he’s a former guy with whom you’ve kept your friendship on social media so far. Or maybe it’s a celebrity account and you have a tendency to comment with zero filters. Did they stuck on Instagram? It is quite easy (and fast) to find out.

Who blocked me on Instagram? Let’s find out together!

First, open the Instagram app. Go to the Search tab (designated with a magnifying glass icon) and look for the person’s username. If the profile is public, you will be able to see his profile. If you go to his profile and see a Follow button, along with a “No posts yet” icon where there should normally be photos, congratulations! You have been blocked You can confirm this by trying to touch the Follow button on your profile: nothing will happen.

If the user in question has a private profile, this will require a little more work. First of all, you will need to find a mutual friend who follows this person. So you’ll have to follow his feed for a while. Find a post where your maybe-blocker liked or commented, and touches his name to see the profile. If you are greeted by the Follow button and you are not able to follow the individual, then you have been blocked.

Unlike Twitter, there is no direct way to know if we are blocked on Instagram. But there is indirect evidence to trust. From your smartphone, search the user first: if your name does not appear in the search results and you’re sure your account is still active, it’s likely that the person has blocked you.

So, how to determine if this user has removed his Instagram account or if he has blocked you. Well, if you want to get to the bottom, you’ll need to log in to your account from a computer. There, search for the user, and if you find his profile, and in addition you can access it if it is public, it means that this user has blocked you on Instagram, but from his phone and not from a computer.

You will no longer be able to follow this account, and it is very likely that if you try to follow it again it will be impossible. This shows that Instagram’s blocking system is quite efficient, keeping unwanted people out of our profile.

If you’ve been stuck on Instagram, there’s not much you can do except try to contact the person and ask … why? (via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter …). Keep in mind that some people block users who constantly tag their photos or mention them too often in their posts.

After you know that you have been blocked, it is useless to send a private message asking “why??” because the other user would not receive your message. Also, there is no way to know if a friend has read your message or not.

So instead of facing your friend or your ex on social media, it’s always better to reflect and respect his/her decisions … it’s not the end of the world. Keep posting great photos and videos on your Instagram app and live your life to the full.

Use third-party apps to see who blocked you on Instagram

After using all these methods, if you’re still not sure if the person has really blocked you, try these third-party apps to find out.

Blockers Spy for Instagram (iPhone / iPad / iPod / iOS)

Blockers Spy for Instagram is an app for iPhone that provides valuable statistics on your Instagram account. The app provides data on users who have blocked you, your followers, new followers and more. The app also shows users who do not follow you even after you’ve followed them. You can easily track users who have prevented you from tracking their updates and users who have not followed you. Blockers Spy for Instagram has a simple and easy-to-use interface and provides a complete history of users who have blocked or recently followed you.

Download Spy Blockers for Instagram

Follower Insight for Instagram (Android)

Follower Insight for Instagram is an Android app that reveals blocked Instagram and users who have not followed you. The app also reveals your secret followers and inactive users that you’re probably not aware of … you can now find them with this app. Follower Insight for Instagram allows you to track and manage multiple accounts and helps you learn about data that you can not normally access with Instagram. The app reveals new and lost followers on Instagram, people blocking you and keeping track of your regular followers. It also helps you stop following more followers who have stopped following you and allow you to change your Instagram account from one to another.

Download Insight follower for Instagram

InstaReport (iPhone / iPad / iPod, iOS)

InstaReport is an iPhone app that can find out who blocked you on Instagram, people who do not follow you, your followers, your best friends and much more. This app makes a complete analysis of your Instagram account, tracks your followers, user engagement, schedules and optimizes the posts of users who do not follow you even after you’ve followed them. You can view your account history and even update the app to its premium version.

Download InstaReport

Who blocked me on Instagram (Android)

Who blocked me on Instagram helps you find people who block you on Instagram. The app sends you a push notification when someone blocks you and you can view the list of people. This app for Android allows you to log in with your Instagram account and lists the users who have blocked you. This way you can easily find blockers.

Download Who blocked me on Instagram APK


So you’ve learned the various ways to detect who blocks you on Instagram and identify them without hindering your or their account. The reason for the block may be different, but the process of finding blockers is the same for everyone. Instagram is an emerging social networking platform after Facebook and Twitter, which has won over many users and fans. But sometimes, due to some problematic conversations, reports or messages, you might be forced to block users. Therefore, using our techniques and using the apps, you can analyze the people who have blocked you and, optionally, request them to unlock you again.


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