Send Anonymous messages on Instagram

Sending anonymous messages on Instagram is one of the latest trends that is becoming popular among the youngsters on the web. ThisCrush is just the latest platform that allows you to send messages in disguise, the kind of already famous Sarahah and

On the web you can see many screenshots that show ThisCrush on Instagram and, if you’re wondering how it works and how to add it to the account, that’s what we’re going to find out.

Send Anonymous messages on Instagram

ThisCrush: what it is and how it works

On the wave of web applications and services of this type, ThisCrush can be safely classified as an anonymous chat. This means that it gives the possibility to send messages to other users without them being able to discover your identity.

The platform was created to give the opportunity to shy users to send anonymous messages to the person interested. Unlike other similar chats, however, ThisCrush does not have an application for iOS and Android, and to use it and put it on Instagram you need to proceed via the website.

If you want to use ThisCrush only to send messages no registration is required. In case you want to add ThisCrush to the Instagram account you need to register and, of course, have already installed the Instagram app on your smartphone. The procedure is completely free and available both from PC and mobile

How to put ThisCrush on Instagram

Putting ThisCrush on Instagram is very simple: all you have to do is insert the link obtained during the registration phase to the site.

To register with ThisCrush go to and press the Get Started button, which refers to the creation of the CrushTag. Then enter your username, password, email and Tag Color (which can be changed at any time) and press Create my CrushTag. At this point the system will show you your custom URL, which will be the one you will have to add in your bio Instagram to send and receive anonymous messages in DM.

Once you have created your account you can log in to the ThisCrush homepage, by clicking on the icon of the three bars at the top right. Here you can customize your profile by changing photos, username and Tag Color. In the text field that appears in the center, instead, you can interact with other users choosing whether to do it anonymously (Post Anonymously), privately (Post Privately) or with the username (Post as).

To recover the ThisCrush url to insert on Instagram the first thing to do is to go on the item Get tag code again which is on the left and then copy the link you find on Your CrushTag Address. To link it on the Instagram profile open the app/the website, go to Edit Profile and in the entry Website paste the previously copied link. Press Send to save the changes.

When you open your Instagram profile you will see that the ThisCrush link will be visible and clickable within the bio.

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