Here’s how to view user profiles on LinkedIn anonymously, without being detected

One of the questions of those who use LinkedIn is: how do you see a hidden user’s profile? On the social network dedicated to the world of work and professionals, you can know who has visited our profile because it is the same LinkedIn to report it with updates via email or notifications on the “Network” button.

But is there any way to get around on LinkedIn in disguise and see other people’s experiences without letting them know? The answer is yes, and there are 3 methods. Here’s how to use them.

1) Change the Privacy

The first way to visit a user on LinkedIn secretly to find out what he does in life and his resume is to change the privacy settings, choosing whether to be visible or view in private mode.

To do this, the LinkedIn app for iOS and Android must:

  • click on your profile picture on the top left and then on the settings icon (gear) on the right;
  • click on Privacy and then on Options to view the profile;
  • at this point 3 options appear :
  1. Your name and summary
  2. Private profile features
  3. Private mode

In case # 1, when you see the profiles of others, you will appear to them with name, surname, profile picture and current profession. By selecting option #2 the user will see that his profile has been visited by a professional X in sector Y in city Z, without being able to read name and surname or any contacts in common.

The option #3, however, is the real mode of private browsing with which to view other LinkedIn profiles without leaving any trace.

The achievement of the goal, however, has a compromise: choosing to hide our name to the other disable the functionality “Who visited your profile?” And the history of the views will be deleted. Only activate LinkedIn Premium (30 days free trial) or change your privacy settings allows us to know who has visited us.

2) Enter on LinkedIn from Google

Another way to visit a LinkedIn profile without the other is to log out of LinkedIn and search for that person from Google or any other search engine.

In this way you can see the complete public profile, with the exception of published posts, all uploaded content and details of its links. The search for LinkedIn profiles through the search engine while disconnected from the social is also the ideal solution to see the information of users far or away from our network. In fact, while LinkedIn limits this information to those who have a free account, with browsing from Google you can see everything that a user has decided to show.

3) Use LinkedIn Premium

With the Premium account you can browse in private mode by continuing to see the list of people who have viewed our profile in the last 90 days. However, even with a LinkedIn Premium subscription, we will not be able to see the first and last name of the person who visited our profile if he set the private mode.

Activating LinkedIn Premium is free for the first 30 days, then the subscription is automatically renewed at a different cost depending on the plan chosen. Standard users (not recruiter or companies) can choose between:

  • Premium Career at $29.99 per month
  • Premium Business at $59.99 per month

Turning to the Premium version you access a series of additional services that allow you to broaden your network of contacts and also to quantify their popularity. In particular, LinkedIn Premium allows to: send messages to anyone, even those who are not in contact; narrow down the search field by finding people based on geographical area or specific skills; see all those who visit the profile, without restrictions.

To cancel your subscription to Premium and get back into Free Basic must go to Manage Premium Account > Account Type > Cancel Subscription. Choose the reason for deactivation, click on Continue and confirm by clicking on Cancel Subscription.


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