Most Popular operating system in Windows in 2018

Windows 10 runs strong and points Windows 7 directly. Windows at 88%, MAC at 9 and Linux at 2%

Operating Systems Distribution August 2018: Windows 10 in the wake of Windows 7

Microsoft continues to push hard on Windows 10 and the continuous promotions and extensions of offers that allow you to update and install the latest version of the operating system of the Colossus of Redmond, is quickly bringing the distribution data of Windows 10 to reach almost the shares of Windows 7, Microsoft’s long-lived operating system for over 10 years.

In fact, the data published by Netmarketshare show how the giant steps in upgrading Windows to the latest version have led Windows 10 to have a market share of almost 33% against 43% of Windows 7 but in the coming months the situation could overturn because many companies will upgrade their PCs to the latest version of Windows, giving the final overtaking.

In fact, the support of Windows 7 will end soon and then Windows 10 could take off permanently, and perhaps already this year could exceed Windows 7 after 10 years of absolute domination.

Overall statistics see Windows dominate with over 88% and macOS with just over 9% and finally a meager 2% for Linux that is increasingly intended for server environments and a few geeks while ChromeOS begins to make its way that holds little more than ‘0.3% but is constantly growing.

Personally, I use Windows and ChromeOS in the desktop environment, with macOS for short periods, while in the mobile environment Android and iOS.

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