To prevent Instagram from saving your searches in Search History and Explore and show hashtags and profiles you searched you must delete the history. Here’s how to do it in two steps.

Instagram saves the history of our searches to help us to immediately find user profiles and hashtags already consulted. Furthermore, keeping track of our behavior, the social will show us in the section Explore similar contents to what we have seen, sensing that we might like it.

To avoid that our searches are saved on Instagram, and that by tapping on the search bar, the list of spied users appears, we will have to delete the history. With the new update, the way to do it is slightly changed, but it is just as simple. So let’s see how to delete the history on Instagram and hide what we have been looking for.

Instagram: how to delete the chronology

With the recent update of the Instagram app for iOS and Android, the graphics and functions have had small variations. That’s why users may have noticed that to clear the history there is now a different process.

All we have to do is go to our user page and click on the icon of the three horizontal bars at the top left. Below will appear the Settings item, from here scroll to Search history, press and click on Clear search history, then click Yes, I confirm.

If you go to Search and press on the bar, you will see the list of profiles searched for between Principals and People is because the deletion of the history requires a further step.

Do this: long press on the contact name and then on Hide. You can manually decide which contact to delete from the history and whether to proceed like this for the whole list or if you want to delete just a few.


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