According to several rumors, Fortnite is finally coming soon on Android. The information on the release could be from one moment to another.

When does Fortnite come out for Android? The video game of the moment that everyone is talking about is now available on almost every platform: from PlayStation to Xbox, passing through PC and Mac up to Switches and iOS devices.

The notable absence at the moment is Android, where the lack of the title is beginning to be felt especially after the launch on Apple devices. The release of Fortnite on Android is not only much awaited, but also news and rumors continue to chase especially now that Season 5 has been released for weeks.

In fact, there are news that bode well: the game could be available for smartphones with the robot’s OS at any moment. Here’s everything we know so far.

Fortnite on Android: rumors

It has indeed appeared a leak of Tracker Network on Youtube that speaks of the presence of some game files appeared with the last patch. The files in question are called Android_Engine, Android_Game and Android_RuntimeOptions and have tags with the words 5.0 release, which indicates the latest version available for players.

This could indicate that the wait is really over: the release on Android could happen at any moment.

After the release on iOS (here’s how to solve any problems on this platform ) and with the arrival on other smartphones, Fortnite could extend even more its range of action: in June the game has reached 125 million players, which could increase exponentially considering the spread of Android devices in the world.

Exit date

There is still no certainty for the release date, but we are talking about August 9th with an exclusive launch for 30 days on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 before being available for everyone.

The phone was in fact advertised by Samsung as a perfect smartphone for gaming and it may have been the collaboration between the Korean company and Epic Games to delay the release of video games on Android.

According to some rumors, the official launch of the Galaxy Note 9 will also include the presence of Ninja, the most popular streamer on Twitch.

Will Fortnite arrive on the Play Store?

However, it is not said that the app of the game arrives on the Play Store.
The developers of XDA have in fact found in the code of the page Fortnite for mobile lines that would instruct users on how to download and install on their smartphone directly from the web browser.

This process would ensure that the Epic Games team does not have to divide the proceeds obtained from the game with Google through the Play Store (something that already happens with the App Store on the iPhone).

However, the download from the web will require more attention from users, who with the spread of the game must also protect themselves from attempts at fraud and phishing.

In addition to sites that want to take advantage of those who want free V-Bucks, several fake apps are now popping up on the Play Store that mimic the game’s logo.


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