You recently upgraded your computer to Windows 10 and at the moment you may feel more than satisfied with your choice.

There is one thing that you just cannot bear: the fact that updates are available automatically for the operating system.

In this situation, you would like to understand how to disable Windows 10 automatic updates; and if you’re here now and you’re reading this tutorial is clear that you have no idea where to get your hands.

How do you say?

Things are exactly like this and would you like to know if I can help you? Of course yes, do not worry.

In the following lines, I am going to show you everything you can do to be able to block Windows 10 updates on your computer. Do not worry, it’s not a complicated operation.

All, in fact, can easily succeed in the enterprise, whether they are experts in the field or not matter, the result is assured, really.

So take a few minutes of your free time reading this guide and I’ll show you that blocking Windows 10 updates is actually nothing.

I’m sure you’ll finally be ready to say loudly that blocking Windows 10 updates was a real breeze and that, of course, you’ll be more than satisfied with your choice.

Before dedicating part of your time to reading the following lines, it seems right to make a clarification. Unlike other versions of the Microsoft operating system, on Windows 10 there is no special option that allows you to completely block the installation of updates.

Nevertheless, you do not have to worry, you can still succeed in your intent going to exploit some special features attached to the operating system that allow you to cope with the thing while ensuring the installation of any updates but in a much less, so to speak, “aggressive”.

Currently two different systems are available, thanks to which it is possible to obtain a result almost similar to the block of updates. Notification for the restart schedule and the Set as a consumption-related schedule.

If the thing does not satisfy you can instead use a special tool outside Windows 10 but released directly from Microsoft.

This is a software designed for Windows 10 Insider Preview but, apparently, also work on the stable version of the latest Microsoft operating system.

If you want to know how to block Windows 10 updates, the first system that I suggest you take advantage of is to activate the notification function for the restart schedule.

It is a feature that allows you to install the updates in a planned manner as well as some useful accessory features to delay and prevent the installation of certain updates.

 If the solution of question interests you, the first things you need to do to block Windows 10 updates are to press the search field located next to the Start button on the taskbar or press windows key, to type windows update settings and click on the first result that is shown to you.
Windows Update search


Now press on the item Advanced options and click on the menu under the item Choose how updates are installed. Next, select the Notify to schedule restart option.

Taking into account the fact that on Windows 10 is not available with a feature that allows you to completely disable the installation of updates know that by selecting this option the updates available for the operating system will be downloaded too but you will be asked to schedule a restart to complete the installation of the same.

If instead the one you used was a non-flat Internet connection, the updates will not be downloaded.

Advance Options 1


Always in this regard, I suggest you to check the box placed next to the item  Defer upgrades. By selecting this item some of the new features available for the operating system will not be downloaded and installed for several months.

Advance Options


Besides intervening to try to block Windows 10 updates, it is also possible to stop the automatic update download procedure for other Microsoft products. To do so, make sure that there is no check mark next to the item  Download updates for other Microsoft products during the Windows update.

After proceeding to make all the various changes thanks to which block Windows 10 updates confirm the application by simply closing the window displayed on the screen.

In case you have to change your mind, you can always cancel the procedure by which to block Windows 10 updates.

To restore everything to the system default settings, go back to the Windows Update Settings section, click on Advanced Options, select the entry Automatic (recommended) from the drop-down menu located under the item Choose how installs are update and remove the check mark that you added next to the item Download updates for other Microsoft products during the Windows update and next to Delay updates .

The solution to block Windows 10 updates that I reported in the previous lines did not satisfy you?

Are you still looking for a system that allows you to avoid installing any updates for the operating system on your PC?

If the answer is affirmative then activate the option dedicated to consumption connections could be the right choice.

If you were not already aware of it, know that it is a particular feature that Microsoft has chosen to include in its latest operating system and is a sort of lifeline for all those who have a limited data connection.

In fact, by activating this function, the downloading of data in the background is blocked, both for the operating system and for the installed apps, in order to avoid unexpected costs for the user. As a result, downloading updates will also be delayed.

The feature in question, this is, however, it is good to keep it in mind, it can be activated only and exclusively in the case where the connection used is Wi-Fi, for connections made by cable unfortunately not worth the same speech, I’m sorry.

If this solution interests you, you can block Windows 10 updates by following these steps. To begin with click on the search field located next to the Start button on the taskbar or press windows key and then type settings and click on the result placed under the heading Best Match.

Settings Search


Now click on Network and Internet then locate the Wi-Fi option from the alter bar on the left and click on it. In the screen that will now be shown click on the Advanced Options item located under the name of the Wi-Fi network to which your PC is connected, locate the item Set as a consumer connection and then turn the relevant switch to ON by clicking on it.

Settings Search


After performing all the steps that I have indicated to block updates Windows 10 confirms the application of changes made simply by closing the window that you see on the screen.

If you had to think about it and, consequently, in case the whole procedure just seen to block Windows 10 updates you do not care anymore, please keep in mind that you can always retrace your steps by disabling the functionality in question.

To do this, simply access the Network and Internet section of the Windows 10 settings again, press the Wi-Fi entry on the sidebar, click  Advanced Options, select the wireless network to which the computer is connected and turn  OFF  the switch under the item  Set as consumption connection.

As I said, as an alternative to the functionality directly attached to the operating system, another solution to block Windows 10 updates is to resort to the use of an instrument designed just for the purpose in question.

This program allows in fact to block every single update package available for download. The program works by hiding the updates available for Windows 10 and, consequently, imposing its automatic installation.

You can download on your computer the tool that allows you to block Windows 10 updates by clicking here and then pressing on the item Download the “Show or hide updates” troubleshooter package now attached to the web page that is shown to you.

Wait so that the download of the tool is started and completed after which click on the file just obtained and wait for the main window of the program to be visible on the desktop, click on the Next button and select the Hide updates option.

Then, wait a few moments for the changes to be applied and validated, then click on Next again and then press Close.

SoH Updates

Then you can view the updates available for your PC with installed Windows 10 that you have provided to hide by starting the tool again, clicking on Next and pressing on Show hidden updates. To close the tool window simply press the located in the upper right part of the program window.


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