how to improve the sound quality of your android phone

Anyone who likes music should have realized that the sound of smartphones is not excellent. They’ve improved a lot from time to time, but the quality still does not compare to that of stereo speakers, does it?

But we’ve mentioned some tips that will help you to adjust the settings and improve the sound quality of your phone. Just have a look:

1. Speakers

Before I start talking about setup and applications, do you know where the smartphone speakers are?

Many gadgets have two speaker grids, but only one plays sound; in others, the breeding grounds are so small that they go unnoticed!

But it’s important to know if the speakers are on the front, back, or sides of your device because you’ll know the best position to leave your smartphone when playing a song.

For example, if they are in the back, when you put a song on, you can leave the phone with the screen facing down.

To find out where it is, put a song on it and cover the openings until you find out where the sound comes from.

One tip here is to take the protective cover off the phone because it might end up capping the sound output and disturbing the audio quality, okay?

2. Settings

Usually, the only changes you can make in the sound of cell phones is volume and change the ringing of calls and notifications.

However, some manufacturers offer unique applications for you to improve the sound quality of the device. This is the case with Samsung and Sony!

Samsung has the SoundAssistant for the Galaxy line. With it, you can control the volume of media rather than the volume of touch when the physical volume buttons are pressed, and you have equalizer, right and left balance when using headphones and custom audio settings.

Sony has the Music Center (SongPal), which has optimized settings, equalizer and more!

3. Equalizer

Another option is to download an equalizer application so that you can better control the sound of your phone. It has several good options for Android, as well as for iOS, such as Equalizer +, Equalizer, Music Volume EQ, Bass Booster and more.

In addition, you can also download a music player that allows you to make some changes in sound quality, such as Spotify.

4. Headphones

Sound quality can also be influenced by hardware, that is, by the phone itself. Sometimes the loudspeaker is not good or there is a loose little thing that makes noise.

To solve this, you can use headphones so the cell phone will not influence the sound quality!

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