How to disable Bixby button in all Samsung smartphones [Guide]

Bixby is voice assistant of Samsung and is available on different smartphones with activation via a dedicated button. Here’s how to permanently disable it

Bixby is the voice assistant of Samsung that from the Galaxy S8 makes its presence on all the top of the range of the South Korean house but that for the lack of local languages in many countries has very few functions.

To push on its assistant instead of the competitor Google Assistant, Samsung has inserted a dedicated button to recall Bixby that is also present on the latest South Korean home devices such as Galaxy Note 9 and S9 Plus and in this article we will see how to completely disable it.

Unfortunately Bixby has not conquered the public and the difference with Google Assistant are many and the voice assistant of Google works much better and is available in almost all of the languages.

If you also want to permanently disable the Bixby button from your smartphone here is the guide that goes for you where we will see how to completely disable Bixby and its dedicated button on all Samsung devices.

How to deactivate Bixby

1 – Deactivate the button

After the complaints received with the Galaxy S8 and also on the latest Galaxy Note9, Samsung decided that the Bixby button is deactivated in an easy and direct way.

  • Press the Bixby button (under the volume rocker) to start Bixby
  • Now tap the gear icon at the top
  • A switch will appear
  • Move it and you’ll see that the button is off

2 – Turn off the voice alarm

You must also disable Bixby in the alarm by following our steps:

  • Scroll left from the main home to enter Bixby
  • Touch the three-point menu at the top
  • The settings menu will open
  • Scroll down and access the Bixby Voice switch and move the selection.

3 – Deactivate Bixby from the Home

Finally, the last hidden area is disable Bixby from Home where to access the setting you have to press and hold on the home where there is no icon, and deselect the item at the top as in the following image.

Now that you have disabled Bixby in all points of the operating system then you can say goodbye to the Samsung voice assistant waiting for the update to be released with support for your language.

Obviously to reactivate Bixby follow the same steps but activating all the settings.

Now that we have disabled Bixby we can remap the Bixby button and completely remove the action at the click, basically clicking on the Bixby button will not open any app.

How to disable the Bixby button on any Galaxy

The last step to completely disable Bixby is to disable the Bixby button, in practice when you click on the button no apps will be activated.

The procedure is official Samsung and with a next update should be entered the option in the settings page of Bixby, but unfortunately now this option is hidden and we must use an external app to access.

Here’s how:

  • Install the QuickShortcutMaker app from the Play Store which is free.
  • Open the app and navigate to the Tasks screen.
  • In the search box write Bixby and select the entry Bixby Voice.
  • Now select the Bixby Voice Settings option from the options.
  • Click on Try to open the hidden settings screen.
  • Scroll to the General menu and click on Bixby button.
  • Now you have disabled the Bixby button from all Galaxy.

As you can see, it’s a simple procedure with no particular changes that will allow you to completely disable the Bixby button from your Samsung smartphone.

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