Bluetooth related problems in Macbook pro? How to Resolve with a Click

How to fix Bluetooth problems Bluetooth not connecting in Macbook pro or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse do not connect on Mac? How to fix

A few weeks ago I bought my first iMac, the Apple home computer.

I must say that I am very satisfied with this computer: it is beautiful, very elegant, takes up little space and is a monster of power, even if it is actually very expensive.

Since I use it, however, I found an annoying problem with Bluetooth, in the sense that every time you “wake up” the Mac from sleep modemouse and Bluetooth keyboard are disconnected and I can no longer connect them in any way.

And since I can no longer use neither the keyboard nor the bluetooth mouse on Mac, every time I wake up the computer from sleep mode I have to restart it to make sure that the input devices connect to the Mac and return to work.

Considering that I took the Mac instead of Windows also and above all for its incredible speed and readiness to use, you can well imagine how much this problem gives me trouble, which every time makes me lose unnecessarily several minutes.

So I informed myself, I searched a bit on the internet and I discovered that there are many users who find a bluetooth bug of this type on the Mac. 

In practice it seems that it is a problem that somehow affects various versions of the MacOS operating system and consequently various types of Mac computers.  There are many users who, after putting the Mac in sleep mode, have a problem with the bluetooth and not they can no longer connect the mouse and keyboard without restarting the Mac. 

If you find this annoying bug to bluetooth on your Mac and you have problems with bluetooth with Mac, in this guide I’ll explain how to solve them easily. I can not guarantee that we will solve them in 100% of the cases, but I would say that we reach 99%.

That said, enough with the chatter and see how to fix the problems with the Mac bluetooth doing a very quick reset. 

Make Mac bluetooth reset to solve connection problems

Before you follow this guide, of course, make sure that the problems with the bluetooth of the Mac are not caused by batteries from mouse and keyboard.

If the input devices have fully charged batteries, then try to run this simple guide to reset the bluetooth module on Mac. 

IMPORTANT: even if you call “reset” of the bluetooth, you will not lose any device connected to the Mac through this technology. You will not have to reconnect anything, all the bluetooth devices already connected or connected in the past to the Mac will still be present.

At this point we start with the guide:

  • press SHIFT + OPTION on the keyboard and simultaneously with the mouse click on the bluetooth icon at the top right
  • in the menu that opens, click on  Debug > Reset the Bluetooth module, as shown in the picture
  • done this, restart the Mac

If the previous guide did NOT solve the problem with your Mac’s bluetooth, repeat the procedure, but after selecting Debug select the item Factory reset all connected Apple devices.

But I’m pretty sure that already the first solution can solve your problem with bluetooth on Mac and MacOS. 


With this guide we have concluded.

For any questions or concerns, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will help you as soon as possible.

I hope I helped you solve the bluetooth problems on the Mac. In my case the guide worked great and finally now I do not have to continuously restart the computer to connect the mouse and bluetooth keyboard after I wake up the Mac from sleep mode.

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