Https and search engine rankings : a winning combination

Today web design and user experience are essential elements for a successful web project; having a well-positioned site that does not convert is like having an excellent driver who can not drive a prestige car, it’s difficult to complete a race.

Increasingly, therefore, in web marketing we understand the importance of being supported by 2 key figures which work in synergy, web designer and SEO.

SEO ranking in search engines is one of the most important elements on the web today. However, the rules of the SEO are very many and rigid. Precisely for this reason, choosing the right strategy to achieve good positioning is certainly not child’s play. To do this you need to know the main rules, examine your competitors and know the specific topic. It is Google that dictates the rules of the game to the SEO Agency Milan and around the world and to orchestrate the ups and downs of the internet pages on the SERP.

SEO is a complicated puzzle to which recently another rule has been added with a fundamental role: the HTTPS or SSL factor if you prefer. HTTPS is a protocol that allows browsers (and applications) to connect securely to websites. This type of measure adopted by the king of search engines allows to ensure a safe navigation, preventing the interception of data in and out. HTTPS is a very important technological standard to protect users from man-in-the-middle attacks, from controls, interference etc.

HTTPS since it is a must

Google has therefore decided that this factor is important to get a good search engine SEO ranking. If up to now this element was destined to e-commerce portals, banks and the like, for which the security of sensitive data is fundamental, starting from January 2017 it is better to have it also on other types of sites.

If it is true that the search engine positively evaluates sites that use the HTTPS protocol to increase the security of the sites to which Google gives access, it is equally necessary for a professional able to complete the migration in https without negatively impacting on positioning and looking at the address bar there are strange warnings that put the visitor in early warning.

For this reason it would be advisable to go to this formula if you have a website in simple HTTP. If today, no site has yet been downgraded due to the absence of this protocol, which today counts at 1%, a change could happen soon. In fact, in the very near future, as anticipated by Google itself, this ranking factor will be relevant and decisive.

How to move if you have an HTTP site

The best move to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS is to turn to a web agency that takes care of everything, that is within it all the skills to follow both the technical side and SEO, because the factors to be kept in mind are different and not really easy to manage. Even though Google has proposed an Official Guide to configure the site in HTTPS, the procedure is not automatic.

In fact, a meticulous and precise work is necessary: a mistake can cost a penalty by Google and recover later is not at all simple. Furthermore, once the protocol is configured, it is always good to have a reference agency for assistance and updating; among the agencies able to support you completely in the migration, Smart Web SEO is present in Milan.

Another reason why it is good to be assisted by competent staff, is that the SSL encryption HTTPS slows a lot of navigation on the site and, you know, Google takes into account the speed for positioning in the SERP. Solving this contradiction is not simple, but possible. At the moment the most famous search engine in the world is leaving time for webmasters to make the change, but this time will expire sooner or later, so it is good to make the transition to HTTPS.

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