What is Discord Nitro [Is it worth it?]

Discord is a software for text and voice chat, well used by those who play online games and even record podcasts. But it has a paid modality, called Discord Nitro. What is it for?

Discord Nitro

Discord Nitro

Discord Nitro is a paid business model offered by Discord. The program is completely free and does not completely limit functions to its paid version. It only offers extra benefits in functions that already exist.

The idea of ​​Discord Nitro is that it improves the voice, text and video chat experience within the platform, but without making free users feel limited in any way.

How much?

Discord Nitro has at least four different payment options.

Are they:

  • $ 99.99 for one year
  • $ 9.99 for a month
  • $ 49.99 for a year with limitations
  • $ 4.99 for a month with limitations

* Values ​​consulted on July 8, 2020.

It may seem strange that the software offers two different prices for the same period of time, but everything is explained with the benefits that each option offers.

The $99.99 and $9.99 modes allow:

  • Create more personalized and animated emojis
  • Animated Avatars
  • Custom (username) tag
  • Badge on paid user profile
  • Upload limit of 100MB for files (8MB in the free version)
  • High definition screen sharing
  • Two server boosts and 30% off additional boosts

The $ 49.99 and $ 4.99 packages do not have the last item on the list above, the server boost.

The server boost is a way to evolve your Discord server, improve the benefits for visitors and participants, such as higher limit on emojis, audio quality, personalized background, among others.

Worth it?

Discord Nitro is intended only for those who use Discord as their primary communication tool. While WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger and other programs offer identical basic functions, it may not be that attractive.

However, there are people who use Discord to form their communities, as the most diverse content creators. In this case, it may be worth paying for the Nitro version for some time, as the more people, the more the servers will be used.

Otherwise, it is a very high value for more basic or casual users.