Is TikTok dangerous? United States ready to ban the app

TikTok continues to be at the center of doubts about security and privacy: the app may soon be blocked and banned in the United States. Here’s why.


New storm on TikTok: the popular Chinese app ends up again at the center of doubts about security and privacy, with the United States ready to ban the application on American territory.

The ban, which would follow that of Huawei applied by Trump last year, continues the hard line of the USA against China and the technologies derived from it: the TikTok ban would join that of all the Chinese apps in the United States, with particular attention to the social video that quickly passed both Instagram and Facebook.

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reported this possibility on the sidelines of an interview with Fox News. That’s why and what Americans fear from what, apparently, was born as a lip sync app.

TikTok: the app may be banned in the United States

The accusations made by Pompeo, who adds that he does not want to anticipate too much what Trump himself thinks, are heavy. TikTok, which to date has more than two billion downloads, would be at the center of a gigantic operation by the Chinese Communist Party which would focus on the rampant popularity of the app developed by ByteDance to monitor people and pass information and personal data to China.

A suspect that is added to the recent report made by Anonymous which expressed a similar concept and invited all members to uninstall the app from their smartphone.

The issue becomes more interesting after the total blocking of the app in Hong Kong: a choice that is the direct consequence of the new Chinese national security law that allows authorities to monitor the internet.

Hong Kong has moved accordingly by blocking the app used by millions of young people and teenagers around the world. A position that is making a lot of discussion in China and that also sees Facebook, Google and Twitter heading back precisely for the requests of the Chinese government (which aimed to obtain access to user information according to what is expressed by the new law).

A bill could soon arrive on Trump’s desk that aims to completely block TikTok in the United States, putting the Tycoon presidency in a new hostile position towards China.