How to display the WiFi password in Windows 10

How to display the WiFi password in Windows 10, are you looking for your WiFi password trying to read it on the faded sticker on the back of your WiFi router? In this post, you will learn the steps to display the right password of your WiFi network on your computer with Windows 10 installed.

Follow the steps below to see the password of your WiFi network, right on your computer with Windows 10.

How to display the WiFi password in Windows 10

1. Right-click on the WiFi icon located on the taskbar (at the bottom right of the screen).

2. Next, click on the Open Network and Sharing Center option that appears when you right-click on the WiFi icon.

3. On the Network Connection Center screen, click on the WiFi network you are connected to.

4. Next, in the window of the network status, in this window click on Wireless Properties.

5. In the Wireless Network Properties window, click the Security tab.

6. The password for the WiFi connection of the network is hidden in the Network Security Key box. Just click on the small box next to Show characters to see the password for the
WiFi network where the computer is connected.

You will immediately see the password for the WiFi network in the box next to Network Security Key. If you have problems concerning the procedure, I remain at your disposal. Just write in the comments box.

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