How to Do Something Special Automated

Automation is now at every corner. Industrial enterprises are highly automated, all routine tasks are performed by robots. But what about our homes? Have they reached a significant automation level or are we still struggling to do things manually even though they could have been automated and done by machines?

The thing is that many people still believe that automation is something very expensive. Automated devices are not affordable to the majority of people. However, it is far from the truth considering that some automated items save your time, others take up the tasks that otherwise would require a lot of energy from you, and finally, in the end, you save your time, health, energy, and can use them for something else – your family, friends, work, and hobbies. Moreover, some items you can build on your own if you have the minimum skills, some tools, and linear actuators.

Now, let us have a look at what items can facilitate your everyday life.

How to Do Something Special Automated

Automated TV Lift

TV lift mechanisms are not as complex as many people believe. A TV lift is a frame that holds the device, and a linear actuator that moves the frame to the required position. 

An automated TV lift not only creates a nice futuristic look in your accommodation. It helps to protect the TV set. 

The possible installations are the following.

TV Lift in a Cabinet

You can install the TV lift in any cabinet. You can use either a ready device or make it from a couple of actuators. Such an installation is useful if you don’t have a lot of space in the room and have to protect the TV set from kids or pets. After watching your favorite show, you just hide the device in the cabinet.

TV above the Ceiling

A ceiling installation is, probably, among the most demanding ones. In this case, the TV lift moves your device above the ceiling. When you want to watch something, you just lower the TV lift to the required level. 

TV behind a Furniture Piece

Another option is to hide your device behind a bookcase, shelves, or another furniture piece. To do so, you need just to install the TV lift in the required position and make sure it moves the device to the comfortable level to watch it.

Automation for Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most demanding spaces in any flat or house. Whatever device facilitates cooking, washing, etc., it is needed. However, the space there is always limited. That’s why we are constantly struggling to find sufficient space for all the items that can make our lives easier, and automation helps us with this.

Automated Lift Columns

You can install automated lift columns to ensure you have space in both your cabinet and for any device that you can install on the column. A lift column is a platform fixed on an actuator. In the retracted position, the column moves the device in the cabinet, and the opening is hidden with a cover. In the extended position, the platform moves to the level of the cabinet surface, and the device can be used as usual.

Automated Rack

An automated kitchen rack is another improvement that might be needed. The rack is fixed on an actuator behind a wall-mounted kitchen cabinet. You can either remove the rack or lower it to have it by hand. 

Such a rack provides a perfect storage option for kitchen utensils, spices, and smaller kitchen items that require place.

Automation for Your Patio

Your patio also deserves some attention. Automatic devices can help you to modernize it and to make it more spacious while preserving its functionality. What about installing a nice set of patio furniture? Even if you believe you don’t have space for it, automation is the solution for you.

You can make an automated table right on the ground. In the extended position, it serves as a table, and in the retracted position, it moves down and turns into the floor surface. 

The same is about the seats. You can install them on linear actuators and save space while having a fully-functional patio to receive visitors. 

Bottom Line

Along with these applications, automated devices can be used for many things at home. What about switching to renewable energy and installing solar panels? Fix a solar tracker and make your panel follow the sun to store as much energy as it is possible. 

Automating windows is another idea you might want to benefit from. Just imagine that you can push a button to open and close a window without getting up. If you have a Velux window, this idea is simply amazing. Even if it is in a difficultly accessible place, with a couple of actuators, you can automate it to use effortlessly. 

Automation ideas are limited by your imagination only. Everything can be automated to increase the comfort of your everyday life, and it is not excessively expensive now!

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