Do You Really Need Antivirus Software in 2020?

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New viruses and malware are being created all the time. They are getting smarter and more dangerous for personal computers and smartphone devices. A lot of the time, users are not aware that they are there until something goes wrong.

Yet, one of the problems is that people seem to have forgotten about antivirus software. With technology progressing, there are some people that think there is no longer a new for this software in 2020. They think that Apple, Android and other popular brands are creating high-tech computers and devices that simply do not need it anymore.

But the truth is, operating systems are not always equipped to protect you from threats lurking online. Even being careful with your internet habits is not enough to dodge potential dangers. Of course, watching the attachments you open and avoiding suspicious sources is recommended. But despite your efforts and the progress made in technology, there is still a need for antivirus software in 2020. Let’s take a look at why you need to install antivirus protection on your computer today.


Protection from Viruses and Malware

Everybody knows that viruses are going to wreck their computer. They can cause your systems to crash and render your PC or Mac useless. They really are the worst. But in recent years, malware is becoming a real threat. You do not know you have malware on your computer until it starts to delete your files and cause havoc. The good news is that antivirus software, such as Norton Antivirus Protection can keep threats away. Check out the latest complete Norton antivirus review here.

Firewall for Surfing Online

A lot of antivirus software comes with a firewall. This is going to keep you safe when you are surfing the web. The idea of a firewall is that it monitors all network traffic and monitors the websites that you visit. If it anticipates that there might be a threat or danger on that website, it will be blocked. This can prevent malicious traffic harming your computer without you knowing. For example, effective firewalls can prevent viruses and keep hackers away from your sensitive information.

Blocking Dangerous Spam and Ads

Have you ever been browsing the internet on your Mac computer and a spam website or ad pops onto the screen? Not only can they be annoying but they can also be dangerous. If you click on them, your privacy can be compromised. With good antivirus software installed, you can block all of these threats. This can avoid them stealing your information. Since almost one million new malware threats are circulating every day, you have to stay ahead of the game with software.

Scan Removable Devices

Sharing USB devices with friends and other people means your computer can be at risk from viruses and malware. They can easily be transferred in files without either party knowing about it. The good thing about antivirus software for Windows is that a lot of them allow you to scan removable devices for threats for you download anything. This is going to alert you to dangers beforehand so that you can avoid them.