Download desktop wallpapers for high-definition PCs (HD and 4K)

All the best sites where you can download desktop wallpapers for PC in high definition, HD, even for 16/9 screens and for dual monitors

During the tedious work with the computer, one of the things which leave most satisfaction is definitely being able to look at a nice background on the PC desktop.

A search for the best wallpapers to find the favorite one to put as wallpaper on the desktop and show it to other colleagues.

Even at home, when you buy a PC, the first thing that you customize and change is the background of the PC screen, so as to make it pleasant to view when we start it or when we return the desktop after a long session of work.

Clearly there will be those who prefer to put a picture as a wallpaper to which he is attached, however, if you look for beautiful pictures online, we have collected in this guide the best sites to download desktop wallpapers for high-definition PC both in HD and in 4K ( the new resolution that is taking hold).

There are thousands of sites that provide wallpapers for the desktop PC but, not being able to list them all, we just try to select the sites that offer the best, the most artistic the most beautiful that if they were printed you could do an exhibition in an art gallery.

Above all, the following sites offer free PC HD wallpapers for free download that you can use on any computer, be it Windows, Linux or Mac.

1) DeviantArt

The best site and one of the most visited in the world is without a doubt DeviantArtThis site is a real artistic showcase for all those who want to share their photos or their drawings.

Of course, you can not absolutely reduce DeviantArt as a site to download wallpapers for the computer because its web space is available for every type of artistic image and is a real and is the most important site in the world where you can find beautiful images and in which, designers can show their skill.

Returning to the backgrounds, to find those in high resolution, you can navigate on the menu on the left and go to the path “Customization -> Wallpaper”. Every 8 hours there are new ones and you are really spoiled for choice.

2) InterfaceLIFT

InterfaceLIFT, on the other hand, is a site that only deals with desktop wallpapers and can be downloaded free of charge for any type of display and monitor; the site can be reached from here -> InterfaceLIFT.

They range from mobile phones with a smartphone or tablet resolution screen to high and high quality resolutions, widescreen and 16/9 monitors and double monitor users.

The backgrounds can be browsed through the pages of the site seeing their preview even before downloading them and you can search by selecting the various categories available.
With InterfaceLIFT you can download the ILift program which allows you to automatically download all the wallpapers and wallpapers available on the site.


Wallhaven is a great site with a collection of wallpapers for all tastes we can reach it from here -> Wallhaven.
Fans of anime, car, science and technology, art and any other theme can find themed backgrounds to beautify their desktops.
Wallhaven has a very simple and clean interface, without unnecessary additions and allows you to view thumbnails as thumbnails so you can only choose the image we are interested in.
You can sort the images according to a variety of filters, by categories or by resolution, so as to immediately display the images suitable for PC monitors.

4) Splashify

Splashify is a program for Windows and Mac that contains some of the best HD desktop wallpapers that you can download on your computer; the program can be downloaded from here -> Splashify.
The program is open source, safe, without viruses or hidden traps and allows you to browse any image for free, we just have to select the one we like and set it as a background.

presents a web page completely dedicated to downloading desktop wallpapers, with over 60 thousand images to choose for free.
The division is done by resolution and, even here, there are for any monitor, from small mobile phones to large HD or 4K screens.

6) SocWall

SocWall is a very elegant site that presents images and high quality photography for all video resolutions, even the highest (HD, FullHD and 4K).
In Socwall every image is voted by the users so we will always display the most appreciated and voted photos at the top, so as to always have very beautiful images.

7) Worldview Wallpaper

Worldview Wallpaper is an extension for Google Chrome to automatically download wallpapers of cities and landscapes from around the world, even with real-time photos (with realistic weather and weather); we can download the extension here -> Worldview Wallpaper.
So we can get the most beautiful photos of the various cities in the world in high definition and with different weather and time conditions, to make our desktop unique.
The extension shows the wallpapers inside the Google Chrome browser, but you can import your favorite wallpaper to be used on Windows or Mac without problems.

8) PsiuPuxa

PsiuPuxa is perhaps the best website on the web where you can download HD wallpapers for PCs with a spatial setting and can be reached from here -> PsiuPuxa.
On this site we can find photos of the planets, stars, the entire universe, taken from satellites and telescopes and freely usable as backgrounds.

9) HD

HD is really a site of graphics to rub your eyes, with images and backgrounds of the highest quality, with high resolution and definition and with photographs to say the least stunning!
We can access the site from here ->
There are several categories of images including those of famous actors and actresses, nature, sports, computers and electronics and travel photographs.

10) EWallpapers

The EWallpapers website divides its collection into categories according to the subject you want to use; we can access the site from here -> EWallpapers.
We can then find photos and images of motorcycles, cars, images of nature, sea and mountains, women and models, cartoons and manga, sports, airplanes, images of the sky or space and so on.

Other sites to download desktop wallpapers for high definition PC

In addition to the sites that we have recommended above here, we can find other photos and images to use as a desktop background also on the following sites:

1) VladStudio is a different site with backgrounds created by authors and very nice, with a very special style.
They are not photographs but colorful and nice drawings, high definition, very suitable to put the good mood.

2) Nexus Desktop presents another magnificent collection of images adapted to serve as a backdrop for computer monitors.
The wallpapers are sorted by image categories and are sorted not only by date but also by the votes given by users by site and by the number of downloads.

3) For those looking for simple backgrounds, without images but beautiful with soft and nuanced colors that do not bother, I point to the SimpleDesktops site that contains many wallpapers with different colors and gradients.

4) Wallpaperez with few categories and many backgrounds with photos of beautiful girls.

5) Pexels: great site to find wallpapers of any kind with 4K resolution.

6) WallpaperUP: another site where you can find images in UltraHD 4K to use as a background on your PC.