Pokemon Quest game review, how to play and collect all Pokemon, free for Android and iOS.
Finally, the mobile version of Pokemon Questa Pokemon-themed RPG game that was initially released on Nintendo Switch and now available on Android and iPhone, has also been released.
I say finally because up to now, Pokemon fans could only play with unofficial games or with Pokemon Go, which for its particularity based on augmented reality, however, remains challenging for those who want to play on the phone while sitting on the couch. Pokemon Quest is a mission game, where you have to explore the island where it is set, add Pokemon to the team, make the base camp more beautiful and capture other wild Pokemon.
You start by choosing a pokemon between Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Pikachu or Eevee.
To collect other Pokemon you have to cook dishes to eat that attract special animals, drawn with cubic graphics, in your field.

These can then be assembled into teams of three and sent to explore the different areas of the island in small cubes.

Without other human beings in sight, there is really no story, because Pokemon Quest is more a game of exploration and collection, free and without a particular purpose.
With Cubic-style Minecraft graphics and colorful scenery, the Pokemon game is quite different from the anime style of the Japanese series and it can take a while to get used to it.
The new visual style is however well done, with all the elements, including those of the user interface, is a square, a rectangle or a cube.
some of the cubic landscapes are destructible, breaking into small cubes when they are hit by an attack.
Pokemons are also fascinating, each as a unique icon and some really interesting drawings.
The interface is clean and modern, with smooth transitions between each screen.The main activity of Pokemon Quest are shipments, which last only a few minutes.
In each expedition, a team of three Pokemon moves on a completely 3D scenario, fighting waves of wild Pokemon and bosses, controlling the specific abilities of each of our pet.
The resistance charge limits the number of expeditions that can be traveled, with a recovery every 30 minutes.
As with any mobile game today, you can pay to recharge your energy.
Prizes for the first quests give full recharges and the game provides free daily tickets to play until the energy needs to be recharged.
Spending money obviously accelerates things, buying tickets with micropayments.
Although the full game is available for free, those with less patience can go on smoothly and without too many waits, spending something, especially to attract new Pokemon more quickly.In addition to shipments, we need to dedicate time to harvesting and equipment of energy stones for Pokemon.
Collecting powerful stones is more important than collecting Pokémon, since most of a Pokémon’s strength comes from stone equipment.

Cooking is another activity to do in the game, combining a combination of the 10 ingredients available in shipments, so as to attract new Pokémon in the base camp.
The higher-level pans consume more ingredients to attract higher-level Pokemon.
Depending on the recipe, you will attract different Pokemon.

The highest level Pokémon, like the legendary pokemon, have slightly higher base stats and, above all, more slots for energy stones.
All Pokemon start as basic shapes and evolve by levelling up.
This system allows you to collect all 151 Pokemon without trading.

In conclusion, Pokemon Quest is a game very graphically refined and with a gameplay that makes you want to continue playing every day a bit ‘, suitable for both fans of pokemon, but they will have to get used to the cubic design, and also to who does not have this particular passion but wants a free game of construction, growth and light competition.
The free game holds well without making those who do not want to pay angry.

Pokemon Quest can be downloaded free for Android and iPhone from their respective Stores.